7 Natural Ways To Prevent And Reduce Diabetes

Natural Ways To Prevent And Reduce Diabetes

Natural Ways To Prevent And Reduce DiabetesGetting diagnosed with diabetes should not be the reason for extreme worry and anxiety as it is not necessary that it is going to be life threatening. Living with diabetes is not that difficult as it is quite possible to live a completely normal life, with immense patience and sincerity in following natural remedies, alongside the regular medications.

Many natural remedies exist, but no cure works with same efficiency for all. Hence, one has to assess what suits best for one and should follow that in the long run, to reduce and ensure prevention of diabetes.

Natural Ways To Prevent And Reduce Diabetes

Raw Vegetables

Include low starch vegetables in their raw form like cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and spinach. Raw vegetables are difficult to digest and therefore, use more insulin of the blood for digesting them, thereby lowering down the blood glucose levels. Besides, following a raw diet and removing sugar from the diet, one must intake raw milk ranging from almond milk to oat milk, which are easy to make and extremely beneficial for health.

Whole Foods

Consumption of whole foods makes one consume less and still, feel full. This helps in reducing sugar levels as the amount of glucose (sugar) consumed for such foods is considerably less. One will feel the same fullness by eating little amount of whole foods as one feels after eating a complete pack of potato chips.


Consume 5 to 30 grams of fenugreek in every meal and consume a total of 90 grams in a day. Do not consume more than 100 grams in a single day as that may upset stomach and cause nausea.


Medicines should never be taken close to fenugreek consumption and one must have a gap of 1 to 2 hours between the two. One may experience side effects of gas and diarrhea with regular fenugreek consumption. In case, one have severe side effects like itchy skin, rash, chest congestion, difficulty in breathing and swelling skin, one must stop having fenugreek.

Fig Leaves

Fig leaves are very good in curing diabetes as they are enriched with anti-diabetic properties. Diabetics are reported to require much lower insulin, when consuming fig leaf extract for diabetes treatment. Alternatively, one can boil these leaves in water and make tea using it, as an easier option than having fig leaf extract.

Olive Oil

Olive oil consumption on regular basis helps to keep triglycerides and LDL within normal limits, thereby preventing diabetes, arthrosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. Drink one fourth cup of olive oil, before going to bed to prevent diabetes. Olive oil is rich in calories, so high calorie intake should be balanced by consumption of low calorie foods.


Cinnamon is known to be effective in reducing glucose levels by 18 percent and also beneficial in lowering triglycerides and cholesterol.


Half a tablespoon of cinnamon a day is sufficient to soften the cell membranes and mimic the insulin role, in maintaining the blood glucose levels.

Vitamin C

Intake of around 600 grams of vitamin C on daily basis helps to bring down blood sugar levels to the normal range, in duration of one month. Hence, complications of diabetes leading to nerve and eye damage can be easily prevented with intake of foods rich in vitamin C.

Going natural is the best and safest way to keep diabetes well under control. Natural remedies help the body to revive faster and prevent it from burden of side effects that are usually caused with long duration usage of strong medications.