7 Symptoms Of Overlap Diabetes & Depression

7 Symptoms Of Overlap Diabetes & Depression

The human body is indeed a complicated machine that can make you run out of ideas at times. Occasionally, certain disorders can have overlapping symptoms. Overlapping symptoms can make it tricky to carry out the exact diagnosis. Such overlapping symptoms are usually visible in depression and diabetes.

7 Symptoms Of Overlap Diabetes & Depression

Signs & Symptoms of Overlap Diabetes & Depression


Diabetes cannot go without depression and vice versa. It is probable that the people suffering from diabetics carry more likelihood of having symptoms as well as treatment for depression. The beginning of this treatment can start anywhere from six months prior to diabetes being diagnosed. Diabetics run the risk of depression, who have stress and a feeling of loneliness.

Blood Glucose Level

It is imperative that you keep a close eye on the blood glucose level. The sugar level in the body can fluctuate in different ways when responding to stress or anxiety. Depression causes chemical imbalance in the body, which in turn, leads to rise and fall of the blood glucose levels. Try to maintain the levels as far as possible.

Stressful Activities

Stressful activities lead to stress. And stress is one of the prime reasons that can further lead to fluctuation in blood levels. But the activities getting stressful and uninteresting are the primary signs of depression setting in. The activities you once enjoyed doing the most, suddenly seem to be dull and boring.

A Feeling of Being Hopeless and Helpless

A sort of loneliness suddenly creeps in and you feel totally hopeless about yourself. All your strong points go weak and helplessness stealthily moves in.

Symptoms of Overlap Diabetes & Depression

You no more feel ambitious about things that you once set goals for yourself. A feeling of being deserted by the family and the society makes you feel insecure.

Loss of Concentration

It makes it difficult for you to concentrate on things that you once did extremely easily. Moreover, you cannot focus on things that really do not need a great amount of concentration. Lack of concentration is a major sign of stress and depression.

The Inability to Remember Things

It cannot be termed as a loss of memory, but a person suffering from diabetes and depression can go as far as not being able to remember simple things of daily routine. Activities that one carries out day after day become a part of one’s personality and they happen by instinct. However, the same is not seen in the case of depression.

Loss of Energy and Fatigue

You do not find anything exciting and therefore, liveliness is missing. The feeling of fatigue is always present within you, even in fresh and energetic atmosphere. Even the mornings largely considered as time of the day, which is full of life, seem to lack vigor. One can also go to the extent of thinking about ending one’s life.

Many times people do not even realize that they are going through depression. That is why the symptoms are also not noticeable. However, it is of the essence that you talk with your doctor about the changes in your behavioral pattern.

Rekha Samavedula