Alternative Treatment Options For Foot Care In Diabetes

diabetic foot

diabetic footBy this time, you might be already aware of the significance of caring and treating foot related conditions promptly when living with diabetes. Damage to the nerves is a complication of diabetes which is likely to affect many people over time. There are several treatment options which can provide relief and correct a problem in the foot.

But depending too much on medications may not be the preferred choice for many people. If you have already suffered nerve damage, you should be pro-active in taking care of your feet regularly by all means. Find out some functional alternative treatment options when caring for the feet in diabetes.

Treatment Options For Foot Care In Diabetes

Use Lukewarm Water

When washing feet, use lukewarm water and accompany with a mild soap. With diabetes, the exact sensation of heat may not be there and it can easily result into burns. Before putting the foot, check with your finger.

wash with lukewarm water

Clean the area in between toes as germs can build up there easily. After washing, use a mild moisturizer on the feet.
Do not soak in water for too long. This can make sores waterlogged and difficult to heal.

Use A Lotion

High glucose levels can make skin dry and prone to suffer cracks. Cracks are easy access points for bacteria which can make healing difficult.  A skin lotion can be used in limited quantity regularly to avoid feet from being dry. Avoid the lotion from getting in between toes. Also ensure not to dampen skin.

Trim Toenails Carefully

If you can trim toenails correctly, do it. Else, learn the correct way from an expert. Incorrect trimming can lead to foot ulcer or sore.

trim toenail

When possible, place feet in lukewarm water before trimming nails so that they become soft and easy to cut. Putting a lotion also makes them easier to cut. Do not curve them while cutting.

Avoid Impact Exercising

Excessive or extensive exercising can cause undue stress on the feet. Discuss with your doctor before implementing an exercise regime so that you can improve health and living without causing impact on your feet. Mild exercising as swimming, yoga and cycling can be some good choices.

Check And Manage Blood Sugar

With diabetes, most answers lie close to your blood sugar levels. Well managed diabetes is likely to produce lesser nerve complications and this has been indicated by various studies.

check blood sugar

A key study by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases revealed the advantage of having tight blood glucose control (through intensive insulin therapy) in reducing the possibility of symptoms of peripheral neuropathy by more than 60%.

Implement Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes aimed at controlling blood pressure, smoking and lipids can also help in treating diabetic neuropathy. High blood pressure and diabetes affect each other negatively and one should control them to restrict the adverse outcome(s).

Smoking adversely affects blood circulation and can interrupt with the healing process making chronic wounds worse. Quit smoking in your best interest as it can take a toll in a magnified form. Nerve pain can be treated significantly through diet alterations also.

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