Best Diet Plan To Prevent Diabetes

Diet Plan To Prevent Diabetes

Diet Plan To Prevent DiabetesThere are many good things we can do to prevent diabetes which is growing alarmingly, especially among the young generations across the world. Type 2 diabetes, which largely affects people across the world, is highly preventable through certain indispensable techniques and tools.

And adhering to a healthy (and favorable) diet plan is one highly effective tool which can help in preventing diabetes (which can bring in several illnesses). What you eat affects your body and modifying it for good is one of the effortless contributions you can make to prevent many unhealthy outcomes including diabetes.

When you get the taste of good health, you can maintain it without doing much as the benefits come spontaneously over time. Find out some good things you can do in order to make your diet plan suited to prevent diabetes (and many other illnesses).

Diet Plan To Prevent Diabetes

Good Foods In A Diet Plan

Whole Grains

Whole grains are full of good things for the body. They are likely to maintain blood sugar levels and reduce the risk for diabetes. Including whole grains in your diet is not difficult as whole grains can be had through many ready to eat edibles like pasta, bread and cereal. Just get a pack which has ‘whole’ written over it. You can choose about half of the food items (grains) from this group.

Whole Grains food

Plant food (whole grains) can be prepared in interesting and attractive recipes which can serve well both for the health and taste buds. It has been found out through a study that regular intake of whole grains can reduce the likelihood of diabetes by about 30%. Swapping brown rice with white rice is a highly encouraging habit as suggested by a study.

Healthy Fats And Proteins

The healthy fats are very much protective for the body. The mono and polyunsaturated fats can help prevent heart related illnesses and diabetes. If you want to consume healthy fats, go for olive oil and canola oil. The fat obtained through seeds, nuts and avocados are also good. Healthy protein can also serve as a protection in preventing diabetes. Nuts, fish, poultry and beans can bring in worthy protein elements to your diet. Do not consume red meat (like hamburger and pork chop) and processed meat (like bacon, deli meats and hot dogs).

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Bad Foods In A Diet Plan


Sugary foods, particularly fruit punch and fruit juice, are likely to raise the chances of type 2 diabetes. Ditch the soda, sweets and sugary drinks. Go for fresh foods as (fresh) fruits and vegetables instead of canned or frozen ones.

Avoid Sugar

With canned vegetables, reduce the sodium content by draining and rinsing them before heating/cooking in fresh water. Do the same to reduce added sugar in canned fruits.

Refined Carbohydrates

Limit refined carbohydrates in your diet. Popular sources of refined carbohydrates include white bread, white rice and white pasta. These can cause the blood sugar to fluctuate too much too soon. A diet too low in carbohydrates is not suited in your diet plan aimed at preventing diabetes. Even though you may lose weight through a low carbohydrate diet, it may not be effective in preventing diabetes and you may be compromising on nutrients this way.