Common Symptoms Of Onset Diabetes

Common Symptoms Of Onset Diabetes
Common Symptoms Of Onset Diabetes
onset diabetes symptoms

Diabetes is associated with abnormally high levels of glucose (sugar) in your blood. The insulin produced by your pancreas lowers the blood glucose in your body, this insufficient supply of insulin in your blood results in diabetes.

There are mainly two type of diabetes namely, Type 1 and Type 2 in which type 1 is insulin dependent and type 2 is insulin independent. Signs of Type 1 and Type 2 are almost same. In both the types there is too much glucose production but to support that there are no enough blood in your body.

In type 1, high glucose is produced due to the lack of production of insulin as the insulin cells have been destroyed.  In type 2, your body cells become resistant to insulin that is being produces in your body. Look out for these early symptoms if you want to make yourself sure that you are suffering from onset diabetes.

Identify the Symptoms of Onset Diabetes 

Frequent Urination

Frequently visiting your bathroom? Do you urinate all day? Because of high glucose levels in your blood you urinate more frequently. If the insulin in your body becomes non-reactive and scarce then the kidneys will not be able to filter it back to the blood, therefore they outgrow and retrieve the water out of your blood in order to dilute the glucose. This in turn fills your bladder every now and then and makes you run to the bathroom all the time.

Symptoms Of Onset Diabetes
Symptoms Of Onset Diabetes


Thirst that Never Dies

Drinking water more often? If you feel like drinking water more frequently and your thirst does seem like leaving you anytime, this may be an early sign of diabetes. Your body wants more and more water to filter the glucoseand make you go to the bathroom more often. Hence, you feel dehydrated and tend to drink more water to refill the water you lose.

Feel Weak and Tired Most of the Times

It is the lack of glucose which makes you feel so. Glucose in the food you intake goes directly in your bloodstream where it is transmitted in your body cells with the help of the insulin.

But since the insulin becomes non-reactive it does not play its role and the glucose does not enter into your body cells and does not produce the required energy your body needs. The cells crave for energy and make you feel tired and weak all the time.

Losing Your Weight, Even Without Trying

This symptom is more frequent for type 1 diabetes. The insulin production is stopped by the pancreas due to viral attack on pancreas cells. Your body will desperately crave for energy as it does not get the required glucose; it in return breaks down your muscle tissue and fat resulting in weight lose.


This is the type of symptom where your hands, legs and feet feel numb and lifeless. This occurs due to release of high glucose in your blood, which may damage your nervous system to the extremes. This is a frequent symptom for type 2 diabetes. Before you actually realize it, the blood and sugar level rise up immensely resulting for a diagnosis. Your nervous system gets damaged completely even before you realize.

If at you get to notice these above symptoms happening with you, it is always safe to get an appointment fixed with your doctor, only they can tell you the real reason behind this.

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