Complications With Diabetes And Periodontitis

Complications With Diabetes And Periodontitis

Complications With Diabetes And PeriodontitisIt is a well known fact that diabetes weakens different processes in human body. Periodontitis means inflammation of tissue surrounding teeth. This medical condition is very common in patients suffering from diabetes. Our teeth are supported by tissue and gums.

Infection in these areas significantly affects oral health. Diabetes can result in periodontitis or simply accelerate a present periodontal infection which consequently leads to weakened teeth structure. Let us try to understand more about complications of diabetes with infection surrounding teeth.

Diabetes And Periodontitis Complications

Bacterial Infection And Complications

Yes, periodontitis is mainly a bacterial infection. Severe cases of this disease affect gums and dental ligaments. This bacterial infection plays a critical role in the development of systemic disease. It can spread to other organs causing infections of vital tissue structure. Increased blood sugar levels result in high oral bacterial activity. This provides a very viable environment for bacteria to grow and multiply leading to loss of oral hygiene and moderate to severe pain.

Gingivitis With Periodontitis In Diabetes

Gingivitis means inflammation of gums due to plaque. Gingivitis is often a precursor to periodontitis in diabetic patients. Chronic intermittent gingivitis often progresses into periodontal disease resulting in destruction of vital oral structures like bone and ligaments.



Gingivitis is often a mild inflammation which becomes severe if not treated early. Gingivitis is mainly a consequence of bad oral hygiene and sometimes weak immune system. Calculus and plaque formation often result in gingivitis leading consequently to periodontitis.

Periodontitis And Cardiac Complications

Advanced periodontitis has been associated with atherosclerotic heart disease. Evidence of a direct connection between these two diseases is very less. However, simultaneous occurrence of periodontitis and atherosclerosis has been commonly seen in diabetic patients.

Systemic response of bacterial infection has been associated with cardiac complications in diabetes. This is why periodontitis is listed as one of the main complications of diabetes along with retinopathy and neuropathy. Studies have also shown decrease in hemoglobin A1c levels with proper control of periodontitis.

Periodontitis And Xerostomia Complications

Xerostomia means reduced secretion of saliva. Dental infection has adverse complications on processes that produce saliva. Dysfunction of salivary gland due to periodontitis can lead to dental caries. This is because lack of saliva results in enhancement of conditions in which bacteria can grow rapidly.



The final consequence of this is dental caries which can be very painful. Pain due to dental caries can wake patients up from sleep. Dental caries caused due to periodontitis in diabetic patients affects daily activities as a result of severe pain.

Other Complications With Diabetes And Periodontitis

Salivary gland complications are common in diabetic patients who suffer from periodontitis. It also results in continuous bad breath. It affects patient’s eating habits and can lead to poor nutrition. Dental resorption is very common in periodontitis. It results in destruction of dental roots. This affects root structure and results in terrible pain and sensitivity to certain eatables. All of these complications show a strong relationship between periodontitis and diabetes. This is why periodontitis requires immediate medical attention.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder and can complicate various kinds of disease processes in human body. Periodontitis is one of these critical diabetic complications.