Diabetes Prevention Protocol

Diabetes Prevention Protocol

Diabetes Prevention Protocol Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases of this world and as per WHO, around 346 million people in the world are affected with it. This number is increasing with every passing year and has become a major cause of concern in many countries. We all know that diabetes does not spread due to infection, then what is the main reason that has turned this condition almost into an epidemic?

The main reason behind this the lack of knowledge. So, in order to get complete knowledge of this disease, and prevent its occurrence, a Diabetes Prevention protocol was conceptualized. This protocol is aimed at increasing the awareness among people about diabetes and following a program to prevent its onset even in the people falling under high risk zone.

The diabetes prevention protocol or DPP has been implemented in many countries and is aimed at educating people regarding the methods to prevent onset of diabetes. Special emphasis is given to those in high risk zones, i.e. overweight people and individuals having a family history of diabetes. The main thing to be noted here is that this prevention program works mainly for type-2 diabetes, as the occurrence of type-1 diabetes is mostly due to genetic reasons.

Elements of Diabetes Prevention Protocol

Modify Your Lifestyle to Prevent Onset of Diabetes

Lifestyle modification has been emphasized as the most effective way for preventing diabetes. This lifestyle modification means quitting smoking and alcohol, along with other unhealthy habits, as they can induce the onset of diabetes at a faster pace. If you are overweight, you should reduce your weight and bring it to normal and avoid eating substances that are fatty in nature.

Being physically active also helps in this condition. Overall you have to engage in everything that is healthy and become more active, both physically and mentally. It has been observed during the studies that individuals in high risk zone were able to evade the onset of diabetes with these modifications.

Intake of Metformin also Helps in Preventing Occurrence of Diabetes

Metformin can also act as an effective preventive measure for diabetes. But, in order to take it, you first need to consult your physician and discuss about the risk zone you fall into, and the effectiveness of metformin in your condition. Metformin helps in keeping your blood sugar levels in control and so prevents the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Eat Healthy Foods Only

Eating healthy foods not only delays the onset of diabetes, but when accompanied by other preventive measures as mentioned in DPP, can even completely prevent it. Healthy foods include green vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, olive oil, flax seeds, ocean vegetables, organic foods and fruit and vegetable juices.

Diabetes Prevention Protocol

If you are at the risk of developing diabetes, you need to avoid junk food, foods containing margarine, sugar, chocolate and other sweets, soft drinks, spicy and oily foods, and alcohol. These foods increase the level of toxins and fats in your body, which can lead to development of diabetes at an earlier stage. You also need to avoid excessive use of refined salts, antibiotics, baking powder and chlorinated water.

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Engage in Regular Physical Activities

Getting engaged in physical activities is the greatest way to keep your body fit and healthy. But, if you are in the risk zone for diabetes, then it becomes even more important for you. You should engage in at least 30 minutes of physical exercise daily. This includes jogging, aerobic exercises, Yoga, swimming, dancing, stretching, meditation and martial arts. Do not engage in exercises that are too heavy, as you might burn more glucose than you should and also don’t work out with a full stomach.

Get Your Body Cleansed to Prevent Diabetes

We accumulate lots of toxins by the way of different foods that we consume. These toxins are very harmful for our body, especially for individuals at higher risk of developing diabetes. So, you need to get your body cleansed and for this, you need to drink lots of water and sweat a lot. You can consult your physician regarding this and follow the diet and exercise plan recommended by him.

Getting Your Blood Sugar Tested at Regular Intervals

Our blood has a normal level of glucose and any major fluctuation in that level, mainly on the higher side, can be a symptom for onset of diabetes. So, it is very important that you get your blood sugar levels tested at regular intervals. If you are not comfortable going to the doctor every now and then, you can also get a testing kit for yourself. You can use this kit for testing your blood glucose levels and monitoring the effect of your prevention program.