How To Overcome Diabetes Without Insulin

How To Overcome Diabetes Without Insulin

How To Overcome Diabetes Without InsulinDiabetes is a disease which requires special care and attention. Diabetes requires special care and attention as the disease could get the body into lots of complications. There are some lifestyle changes to be made to help overcome diabetes without insulin. Here are the five steps that would help you to overcome diabetes without insulin.

Five Steps to Overcome Diabetes Without Insulin

Watch your Plate

Pay close attention to what you pile up on your plate. In fact, you need to stop piling up your plate. Let the calories come from complex carbohydrates. Eat whole grains like wheat, brown rice, quinoa etc. Include beans and lentils into your diet, some important being green gram, black beans etc. Select from a variety of dals.

Include lots of vegetables into your cooking. Eat them raw or eat them cooked. Fruits and nuts form excellent snacks. The grains, vegetables and fibers add a lot of fiber into your body. This helps to keep you full and aids in digestion as well.

What not to Eat

Since diabetics have difficulty in keeping their blood glucose under control and requires insulin, it is better to restrict the sugar intake. Avoid sugars and high fructose corn syrup. There are various sugar substitutes available for diabetics. Or better go for natural sweetening agents like fresh fruits.

How To Overcome Diabetes Without Insulin

In fact, fruits form the perfect desserts. Restrict the amount of fat intake too. Fat brings with it bad calories and keeps you over weight too. Avoid red meat and high fat dairy. Low fat dairy are better substitutes. Avoid food items rich in saturated fats and trans fats.

Get Some Exercise

During exercise, the muscles are hungry for glucose to supply them with energy. So the muscle takes in more amount of glucose during exercise and help you to utilize glucose without depending on insulin. Further, exercise helps you to lose weight if you are over weight. It helps you to maintain a stable weight too. Exercise fills you with vigor and gives you energy to go about your daily activities.

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Space your Meals

An important aspect of helping you to overcome diabetes without insulin is to space your meals. Spacing your meals helps your body to keep a sustained release of glucose into your blood, so that the body could utilise these glucose without a need for extra insulin.

 How To Overcome Diabetes Without Insulin

A dietary indulgence in a sweet dessert would make your blood glucose levels to spike, requiring more insulin. Instead of eating three main meals a day, spread your meals throughout the day so that no additional insulin is required.

Count your Carbs and Watch Out for Glycemic Index.

There are several types of food some are high in GI while others have low GI. Go for ones that are low in GI. Some of the food items high in GI include potatoes, white rice, pineapples, water melon etc. Restrict the amount of these in your diet. Carbohydrate counting is another way to help you determine what to eat and is very important for overcoming diabetes without insulin.

Meanwhile, stay in close contact with your physicians. Keep a constant monitoring of your blood glucose levels. Stay healthy.