How To Prevent Diabetes Complications In The Eyes

How To Prevent Diabetes Complications In The Eyes

How To Prevent Diabetes Complications In The Eyes Eyesight is one of the most valuable gifts bestowed on man by the Almighty. Some of us are unfortunate enough to have major lifestyle and health disorders that affect our eyesight and vision at some point in our lives. Diabetes is one such disease, where the chances of having problems with the eyesight, happens to be one of its most prominent progressive symptoms.

As we all know, diabetes is a health concern which is connected with the fluctuations of the blood sugar levels in our body system. Eyesight problems that occur in patients suffering from diabetes are totally dependent on the duration and proper management of the disorder along with the ethnicity and age of the patient. An early detection and proper care can go a long way in eliminating the risk of eye problems, that can cause blindness or other critical vision related issues such as cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, etc.

Certain Ways of Preventing Eyesight Problems Connected With Diabetes

The risks of developing diabetes related eyesight problems can be reduced to a certain extent by taking proper preventive measures that help in reducing symptoms and decreasing the associated complications. Given below are some of these measures:

Controlling And Managing The Blood Sugar Levels

It is very important for diabetes patients to keep a tight control on their blood sugar levels. Proper monitoring and checks of the sugar levels can help keep the same within the prescribed range. It is important to maintain a healthy diet on the lines of the recommendations given by the doctor, indulge in an hour of morning walk or exercise and take all the prescribed medications and insulin on time. Any noticeable fluctuation in the sugar levels must be communicated to the doctor and actions must be taken to bring it back into control.

Controlling Blood Pressure Levels

It is a well known fact that hypertension or high blood pressure is closely related to diabetes. There is no conclusive proof towards the relationship of eyesight problems with high blood pressure. However, proper relaxation techniques, healthy thought processes and other techniques for reduction of high blood pressure should be followed to keep diabetes under control. This will help in the prevention of the vision problems in the long run.

An Annual Examination of the Eyes

The increased consciousness of the diabetic patient towards this advanced stage system of the disease can help keep problems at bay.

How To Prevent Diabetes Complications In The Eyes

Annual eye check ups may lead to the timely detection of the problems such as low vision, cataract or diabetic retinopathy that can facilitate timely intervention and treatment. If the problems are neglected and allowed to persist, then it may lead to further complications and irreversible damages.

Reporting of Any Vision Changes to the Concerned Specialist

Eye pressure, pain, blurry or double vision, floaters or slight vision loss are some of the changes that should be reported to the eye doctor immediately. The timely diagnosis of these diabetes related problems can lead to effective treatment and cure.

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Quit Smoking

The diseases connected with the small blood vessels and diabetes can be aggravated by smoking. In real terms there is no direct correlation between diabetic eyesight problems such as retinopathy and smoking, but quitting the bad habit can lead to an improvement in the general health conditions. Smoking has quite a few side effects and reducing or quitting smoking helps in the prevention of many future complications and risks.

Avoid Risky Physical Activities

Diabetic patients are advised to stay away from weightlifting or other strenuous physical activities that can cause bleeding in the eye due to increased impact or pressure. The avoidance of strong and direct sunlight and other glares will also help in preventing the vision related problems.

The patients who have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes should start visiting their eye specialist annually after 3-5 years of the onset of the disease. Diabetic women, who are pregnant, should have a comprehensive eye check up in their third trimester and keep a close watch on any deterioration in eye conditions or appearance of vision related problems throughout their pregnancy. Patients of Type 2 diabetes should consult an eye doctor immediately after diagnosis and keep in constant touch with at least one annual checkup compulsorily.

The important keys to the prevention of eye problems related to diabetes is the proper control of blood sugar levels, good eye care , exercise and a healthy diet.The diabetic patients should be aware of the various symptoms that can cause complicated vision problems and should take care to have them diagnosed as early as possible.Regular appointments with the eye doctor and requisite follow up lead to an early detection and cure of these dibeste related eye problems.

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