How To Treat Prediabetes

Treat Prediabetes

Treat Prediabetes

Prediabetes is a term that describes a medical state characterized by the absence of conclusive symptoms. Also, referred to as ‘impaired glucose tolerance’ or ‘impaired fasting glucose’, people with this medical state are at an escalated risk of developing type 2 diabetes and if unattended to, a full blown case of diabetes mellitus type 2 within a time span of ten years.

According to Centers for Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) fact sheet, only 7 % of individuals are aware that they are dealing with prediabetes. Almost 79 million Americans, specifically young adults at and above the age of twenty belong to the category of prediabetics.

Estimates suggest that the incidence of this condition is higher in people with excess body weight (especially around the belly region), elevated reading of bad (LDL), diminished level of HDL or good cholesterol (less than 35mg/dL) and those with raised blood pressure that remains or shoots above 140/90 mm Hg. If this metabolic disorder (Type 2 diabetes) runs in the family, the other family members are at a risk too. The same risk exists for females with poly cyst ovary syndrome (PCOS), elderly people or those leading a sluggish lifestyle.

good cholesterol

However, the occurrence of this medical problem, which is related to insulin resistance, does not imply suffering from diabetes mellitus type 2 or cardiovascular problems is inevitable. The article discusses the ascertained ways which can effectively treat prediabetes. The findings derived from a clinical research study undertaken by the Diabetes Prevention Program (DDP) revealed that the below mentioned natural and medicinal treatment has the potential to retard the initiation and development of Type 2 diabetes.

Prediabetic Treatment that Stops Diabetes Type 2 From Surfacing

The Extra Kilos Are Doing No Good To Your Body

Both American Diabetic Association and Diabetes Prevention program confirmed that even a modest fat and weight loss can have a positive effect on the level of blood sugar. To prevent prediabetics from advancing, bring physical activity into effect. As you know, people leading a sedentary lifestyle with limited or almost nil physical activity are ideal candidates for prediabetes which quickly advances in to the troublesome diabetic condition.

Extra Kilos Are Doing No Good To Your Body

One you reach a weigh loss target of 5-10%, your blood test results, will show remarkable level of improvement. But, do not be too complacent! Your aim should be to achieve a healthy weight that puts you in a favourable position.

Start Working Out Regularly

Try your level best to increase your daily activity, starting with 20 to 30 minutes of exercise each day and slowly working on the intensity of the physical workout. One of the best ways to torch layers of accumulated fat is to engage in calorie blasting exercises that you find interesting to perform. It can be either in the form of jogging, a brisk walk and laps in the swimming pool or aerobics.


You’ll be surprised to know how an activity such as star climbing instead of using an elevator can do wonders in keeping an individual with prediabetes (or moderate hyperglycemia) physically fit and agile. However, it is always wise to consult your doctor prior to enhancing your physical activity.

Follow Dietary Restrictions

Prediabetes is marked by an elevated blood sugar level which although is not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes, is a cause for concern. Dietary modifications form an essential component while treating this condition. Some of the healthy food items that ought to be incorporated in the dietary schedule of a prediabetic include a protein rich diet, derived from either fishes such as tuna, sardines and halibut or seafood options like oysters, lobsters and shrimp. Intake of starch in the shape of potatoes and simple sugar and carbohydrates etc must be avoided at all costs.

healthy food

Also, fresh carrots, broccoli and spinach make excellent lunch or dinner options. Also, do include whole grain food items, for example, brown rice to your shopping list. Barley, millet, oatmeal or wild rice is found to be loaded with essential minerals, vitamins and fiber that promote optimal health without pushing the sugar level towards the higher side.

fresh carrots & broccoli

The National Diabetes education Program suggests that cholesterol, saturated, or trans fat edibles are major health deterrents, that favour a quicker onset of diabetes. These changes in the diet plan will not only strengthen your system, but will help you shed weight and cut the associated risk factor by 58%! Remember, a lowered calorie intake can keep diabetes and all the complications associated with it at bay.

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Frequent Monitoring Is Needed

If you are a prediabetic, make sure you closely monitor your blood sugar level and get your blood pressure checked by a doctor at frequent intervals. It is advisable for prediabetics to purchase and make use of a handheld tool known as glucose meter or monitor for testing the amount of blood glucose.

Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

Also, record fasting glucose reading, first thing in the morning(prior to breakfast). If the value is above 126, check with your doctor. Do not forget to keep a written note of all the relevant readings as it will help your doctor analyze your progress and accordingly modify your treatment plan (only if needed).

Certain Prescription Medications Help

Metformin (Glucophage) or Acarbose (Precose) are the oral medicines commonly prescribed by the doctor for high risk patients below the age of sixty in order to treat prediabetes. The intake of these, coupled with healthy lifestyle changes can bring the problem under control.

Certain Prescription Medications Help

It is, however, your doctor who is the best person to decide whether or not you need to take any of the above mentioned drugs. Do note that these drugs are recommended by American Diabetes Association and not Food and Drug Administration. An elevated blood pressure or cholesterol level also needs to be looked after via medications.

Quit Smoking And Alcohol Consumption

In order to maximize the efforts your are putting in to treat prediabetes before the condition worsens, you need to get rid of habits such as smoking and alcohol drinking.

avoid cigarette smoking

Sleep Well

It is believed that a sound sleep of six to eight hours can help decrease insulin resistance in the long run.

Sleep Well


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