Know The Main Dangers Of Having Low Sugar Diabetes

low sugar diabetes

low sugar diabetesLow sugar diabetes or hpoglycemia (or low blood sugar) can occur to anyone having diabetes. A blood sugar level going below 70 mg/dL is considered low and can be harmful in several ways if left untreated. People having diabetes and taking diabetes medications as insulin, chlorpropamide, acetohexamide, glyburide, repaglinide among others can be at risk of suffering from low sugar levels.

Recognizing low sugar levels is important and intervening to treat it is critical as incidence of deaths have also occurred owing to untreated low sugar levels. Low sugar diabetes can be successfully treated on most of the occasions. However, prolonged or recurrent low sugar diabetes can be a cause of concern and must be attended at the earliest. The dangers of low sugar diabetes include the following:

Main Dangers Of Having Low Sugar Diabetes

Mild Or Moderate Dangers

Low blood sugar can cause weakness, shaking, feeling of discomfort and crankiness. Sweating, anxiety, blurred vision and rapid/hammering heartbeat are some other mild outcomes of low sugar diabetes.

Alarming Dangers Of Low Sugar Diabetes

When left unattended, mild hypoglycemia can progress to severe hypoglycemia with life-threatening outcomes. It can be difficult to diagnose low sugar levels easily because sometimes there are no apparent signs. Over time, blood sugar levels can get too low to cause fainting or seizures as the brain does not get enough of the glucose to perform its appropriate functioning.



Hypoglycemia may also cause passing out. It can also cause coma in people having extremely low blood sugar levels. Hypoglycemia can also cause stroke (like) symptoms. If a person is engaged in an activity as handling heavy machinery or doing risky jobs, he/she may experience injury which can even be fatal.

Overtreatment Of Low Sugar Diabetes

Low blood sugar may be taken care of without indulging into any treatment procedure(s) beyond administering glucose is some form. With diabetes, it is important not to over treat the condition as it may result into the blood sugar levels going too high which is again likely to produce adverse outcomes. Over treatment leading to raised blood sugar levels may result into damage to the nerves, blood vessels and several body organs.

Low Blood Sugar Diabetes And Mortality

Death can also occur in people having diabetes experiencing excessively low blood sugar levels. People having diabetes should also be extremely careful about the danger(s) of driving with low blood sugar reaction/hypoglycemia. Due to lack of consciousness or other outcomes of low sugar levels, it is recommended to avoid driving and attend to yourself should you experience any signs.

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Chronic or recurring hypoglycemia can disrupt the body’s response to the condition. A study was undertaken to determine the frequency and severity of hypoglycemia and mortality in people having diabetes. Hypoglycemia can cause both increased the length of hospital stay and mortality rate. With critical illness, the effect of even mild (or moderate) hypoglycemia can be damaging.

Treatment as insulin therapy may also fail to undermine the risks associated with low sugar diabetes. During the study, it was determined that death arising in people having low sugar diabetes could be attributed several factors including brain injury, cardiovascular shock, liver failure and respiratory failure. Nonetheless, like other studies, this also had its own strengths and weaknesses.