Oral Health Complications Associated With Diabetes

Oral Health Complications

Oral Health ComplicationsDiabetes is a complex disease that has to be taken care of at the earliest. The excess blood glucose is not the only complication of diabetes. When the excess glucose is not restored back to normal and this condition goes on for a period of time, then the complications start developing depending on which organ is affected. Diabetes by itself increases the chances of infections. Hence, there are several oral problems in those with excess blood glucose levels.

Why Oral Problems Occur in Diabetes?

Diabetes or rather the excess glucose levels in the body is the main attractant for bacterias and these bacterias cause troubles by causing infections. Thus this  excess glucose in the blood is one of the main causes for oral problems. The diabetes itself reduces the immunity of the body thus favoring the development of infection. Immunity is mainly reduced because diabetes affects the white blood cells which plays a major role in helping the body fight against infections and inflammations.

Complications Of Oral Health With Diabetes

Gum Troubles

Diabetes predisposes the body to develop several gum problems like inflammation of the gums, development of abscesses and periodontitis. Like mentioned earlier, excess glucose in the blood is the main cause for these infections. The thickening of blood vessels due to diabetes is yet another facto for these gum problems.

Gum Troubles

This hampers the proper blood circulation. As a result useful products for the nutrition of the gums do not reach the area and there is a delay or an improper removal of waste products from the area. All this causes infections of the gums. Gum infections could also lead to sepsis.

There may be abscess formation too. Gum infections are usually associated with pain, swelling of gums, bleeding from gums and spongy gums. Bad breath is very often an accompaniment of gum infections.

Fungal Infections

Fungal infections too could develop in those with diabetes. The normal fungus found in the mouth causes these fungal infections when the immunity of the body is lowered. Candidiasis is one of the common fungal infection of the mouth in those with diabetes. This is especially common in those using dentures. Uncontrolled glucose and smoking are predisposing factors for the development of oral candidiasis.

Fungal Infections

Repeated use of antibiotics are also known to favour the development of candidiasis. Oral thrush is another fungal infection of the mouth. Thrush is again caused by the excess glucose in the blood. There is diminished flow of saliva in the mouth of diabetics, resulting in dry mouth. This in turn favors the formation of thrush. Thrush usually causes white spots in the mouth. It could also become painful especially when it affects the tongue.

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Tooth Decay

Easy decaying of teeth is yet another oral complication of diabetes. The reduced immunity of the body is a cause of tooth decay.

Tooth Decay

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Then there is formation of tartar and plaque formation in between the teeth. This could harden and becomes very difficult to remove. Then there are infections in the tissues surrounding the teeth and the bones and tissues holding the tooth is often affected. All this couls lead to easy decay of teeth and easy falling of teeth.