The Relationship Between Diabetes And Nerve Pain

Relationship Between Diabetes And Nerve Pain

The nerve pain resulting from diabetes is a syndrome that troubles people suffering from diabetes. The type1 diabetic patients and type2 diabetic patients are affected by the nerve pain. Nerve pain is also known as neuropathic pain which arises from the diabetic complication called diabetic neuropathy.

The Reasons for the Diabetic Nerve Pain

The diabetic nerve pain mostly results if the diabetic person has high blood sugar levels for a long period. The high levels of blood glucose will cause damage to the blood vessels that are supplying blood to the nerves. The nerves are affected by the hyperglycaemia accompanied by high blood pressure. The cigarette smokers are at higher risk of experiencing nerve pain.

Diabetic Nerve Pain

Which Region is Affected By the Nerve Pain?

The peripheral areas or in the extremities like legs or feet and arms or hands are the affected regions. The nerve pain that occurs in the feet is one of the disease conditions of the feet and they are termed as problems associated with a condition called diabetic foot. Hence, it is suggested for the diabetics to carryout foot examination at least once every year.

diabetic neuropathy

The examination of foot can help the diabetic patient in two different ways. One of them is that it aids in diagnosis of new complications like circulation difficulties or diabetic neuropathy. The foot examination also helps to identify more complications of the feet like blisters, joint disorders and wounds. The joint disorder that can be identified due to foot exam, is presence of Charcot foot.

Charcot foot

Diabetic Nerve Pain and its Signs of Identification

The symptoms of nerve pain include burning sensation, tingling feeling and sharp pain or shooting pain in the feet and arms. The condition might range from serious to minor.

burning sensation, tingling feeling

In the severe cases, the whole arm or feet will become numb. A condition known as dysesthesia might develop and it can cause tingling sensation or burning sensation. The condition can also create sharp pain while touching the objects.

Nerve Pain Affects People With Diabetes

Diabetic nerve pain is very dangerous for the people suffering from diabetes. When the nerve pain is in the early stages, it shows influence on the daily events like doing exercise with hands and walking. The nerve pain due to diabetes will make it difficult for the person to stand.

Nerve Pain Affects People With Diabetes

The diabetic neuropathy might be risky if it transforms into a wound in the foot. The wound in the foot might not be healed quickly if the blood sugar levels are high and if the blood circulation is poor. The wound might also be exposed to infection which can lead to amputation.

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What Care Has to Be Taken By the Diabetics Before They are Affected By Nerve Pain?

If anyone suffering from diabetes are worried about the onset of nerve pain in them, it is good to consult the doctor immediately to discuss on the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy.

symptoms of diabetic neuropathy

The diabetic nerve pain can be easily diagnosed by the physicians. The doctors can also give sufficient knowledge to the diabetic people to monitor and control the sugar levels of the blood efficiently.

Is There Treatment for Diabetic Nerve Pain?

Life style changes and a few exercises might be instructed for the diabetics as an early part of the nerve pain treatment. Some of the drugs that are prescribed for nerve pain in diabetics are Amitriptyline, Pregabalin, Duloxetine, Nortriptyline, Imipramine, Lidocaine, and Tramadol.

few exercises

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