Tips For Diabetes Prevention In Children

Tips For Diabetes Prevention In Children

Tips For Diabetes Prevention In Children Diabetes is one of the most common disorders that is affecting people worldwide. The improper performance and production of insulin, which is responsible for the management of the blood sugar levels in the body, gives rise to diabetes.

It has become very common to find infants, toddlers and children getting affected by the disease which requires immediate medical intervention and certain changes in the dietary routine and lifestyle. So what are the most important measures for the prevention of diabetes in children?

Methods For Prevention Of Diabetes In Children

Checking Obesity or Conditions of Excessive Weight

One of the primary factors that lead to the development of diabetes in children is obesity or excessive body mass and weight. It is an established fact that the ideal body weight of children depends on their age and height. In the contemporary age, sedentary lifestyle, long hours of physical inactivity, consumption of high calorific diet and fast food, intake of high carbohydrate content in confectionaries, sweets , milk products and other unhealthy food items leads to children becoming overweight and obese. One of the most important ways of preventing diabetes in children is by restricting access to such food items that can cause major health concerns in future.

Rationing of visits to malls, fast food centers, restaurants, candy stores and other places which may tempt children into eating food stuff that can indirectly lead to diabetes also helps in the prevention of diabetes. Reducing the pocket money will give lesser opportunities to the children, to purchase junk food that may make them obese. Increasing the levels of awareness about the ill effects of diabetes, caused due to obesity, can make the child conscious about the harmful impact of gaining weight.

Under certain circumstances, it may be very difficult for children to shed off their excessive weight, in spite of regulated and healthy diet and proper exercise and physical fitness regimes. Diabetes in such children develops due to the genetic problems or the hereditary issues, connected with the disease. It is important to check the family history of the child and make sure that the characteristics that have caused the onset of the disease in the offspring are not passed on to future children or generations, through proper control and management of diabetes in parents.

Proper Diet Control and Management

Diabetes is associated with the breakup of the sugar content in the food consumed, through the action of insulin. In the absence of requisite quantities of insulin or total absence of the same, sugar levels rise in the blood stream and this gives rise to further diabetic symptoms and complications. Parents and homemakers should consult a professional pediatrician and dietitian and chalk out a healthy dietary routine as per the metabolic requirements of the child and make sure that the adherence to the same is complied with in a regular manner.

Tips For Diabetes Prevention In Children

Some of the items that should be avoided due to their high energy and fat content are beef and pork. It is also important to restrict over inclusion of fish, tofu and poultry in the diet of the children. Encourage green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and non –fatty food items in the menu of the children. Snacks and tiffin items should also be altered to include low cholesterol items that do not allow the blood sugar levels to rise. It is necessary to include lentils, whole grains, cereals and other nutritious items in the regular dietary regime.

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Physical Fitness Through Exercise and Healthy Activity

The stress of urban life, lack of time and the alteration in the modes of recreation have led to high levels of inactivity and lack of physical fitness in adults and children alike. The best method of encouraging activity is by setting positive examples that may lead children to emulate their parents and lead a better lifestyle.

Regular exercise and workouts can be included in the regular routine of the children through fun sessions and regulated exercise classes. Swimming, cycling, walking, gymnastics, aerobics, dance classes, day outings, trekking , etc. can help in making the children burn off the excess glucose in their blood streams , that invariably leads to diabetic complications.

Diabetes can be perfectly managed and kept under tight control through simple preventive measures such as healthy diet, proper exercise and activity, proper timing of meals and medication and overall change in lifestyle. It is important for parents and children to be totally aware of the harmful and long term effects of diabetes and the problems that can arise due to the incidence of the same. Timely intervention and proper measures can lead to the prevention of diabetes in children.

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