Tips For Preventing Diabetes Complications

Tips For Preventing Diabetes Complications

Tips For Preventing Diabetes Complications The prevention of diabetes is equivalent to fighting a battle at many fronts at the same time. Fluctuations in the blood sugar levels, hypertension, depression, eye problems, nervous system related issues and a host of other complications need to be tackled simultaneously.

It becomes extremely important for the patient to co-operate with the instructions of the doctor and follow his/her advice to the hilt. The precautions and the instructions that include major changes in the lifestyle are usually advised to the diabetes patient by the doctor, during the preliminary visits.

However, diabetes being progressive in nature, the symptoms keeps on changing as the age of the patient and the duration of the disease increases. Under the circumstances, it becomes extremely important for the patient to be fully aware of all the symptoms of diabetes and keep reporting the appearance of the same to his/her doctor as soon as possible. Some important measures for the prevention of diabetes related complications are:

Prevention of Diabetes Related Complications

Regular Tests At Home

It is important to test the levels of blood sugar everyday and keep a record of the same. In the event of any visible complications, these records come in handy for monitoring the fluctuations over a period of time. Low readings of hemoglobin A1C, help in the prevention of many complications connected with diabetes such as erectile dysfunction, foot problems, vision loss and kidney failure.

Keeping A Watch On The Cardiovascular Functions

One of the primary causes related to death by diabetes is connected with the cardio vascular diseases which arise in the patients over a period of time. One of the best ways for the prevention of any complications due to heart diseases or strokes , is by undergoing regular heart check ups and attending workshops that advise diabetic patients about the various signs and symptoms and preventive measures for complications related to the cardio vascular functions.

Keeping Sugar Levels Under Tight Control

The most important precaution that has to be observed by diabetes patients is the control and maintenance of the blood sugar levels.

Tips For Preventing Diabetes Complications


Many Type 1 diabetes patients, have managed to lower their risks of the disease to significant extents, through proper dietary control, relaxation techniques, regular exercise, etc. Keeping the blood sugar levels under check is also beneficial for the diabetes Type 2 patients.

Check On Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Levels

To reduce the increased chances of heart attacks and strokes, it is important to keep a vigilant watch over the cholesterol and blood pressure levels. The consumption of a low salt and low cholesterol diet is important for maintaining the blood pressure within the prescribed levels. The presence of excessive unsaturated or saturated fats in the diet, increases the cholesterol levels that leads to further complications.

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Beating the Depressive Feelings

Depression is one of the worst complications that can occur in diabetes patients. It is important for family members to maintain a healthy environment around the patient and keep him happy and alert. There is an inverse relationship between the reduction in self reported depression and improvement in blood sugar levels.

Depressed diabetic patients tend to ignore the dietary instructions and eat unhealthily. This leads to other complications as diabetes is majorly related to the consumption of a healthy diet. A sedentary lifestyle, inactivity and unnecessary stress are some of the other issues connected with depressed patients who refuse to co-operate with their physical trainers and family members. These negative changes in the lifestyle patterns, lead to further diabetic complications. Anti depressants, psychopathic treatment, special meditation and counseling classes can help the patients in overcoming their depressive feelings.

Giving up Smoking

Smoking is connected with several diseases and complications and diabetes is one of them. Smoking leads to a rapid deterioration in the health of a diabetic patient as it tends to increase the risks connected with heart diseases, renal problems, issues with the lungs and cancer.

Tips For Preventing Diabetes Complications

To keep the blood sugar levels under check and bring about improvement in the blood circulation, it is important to quit smoking and stay away from tobacco and other addictive substances.

Foot and Eye Examination

Some of the symptoms connected with advanced levels of diabetes are related to the vision and feet. It is important to schedule at least one annual appointment with the eye doctor for a complete examination of the eyes. All necessary precautions suggested by the professional should be followed to avoid any complications such as cataract, problems with the retina, partial blindness, etc, in future. The blood creatinine level and protein levels in the urine should also be checked once a year along with a complete foot examination.

Diabetes patients should visit diabetic centers or hospitals once a year and have a complete re-examination and all necessary investigations conducted to keep diabetes under control and avoid the complications that may arise due to negligence or lack of preventive measures.

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