Top 5 Physical Symptoms Of Diabetes

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Top 5 Physical Symptoms Of Diabetes

Physical Symptoms Of Diabetes

Being the most widely complained about disease the world over cutting across socio economic backgrounds, diabetes has become a household name these days. There are several causative factors that lead to an increase in blood glucose levels, which in turn in responsible for triggering diabetes.

However, did you know that this is one of those rare types of diseases, which can be completely controlled and even minimized if detected at the earliest? Eating the right type of foods and bringing about certain lifestyle change in your life are a couple of simple tricks you need to follow in order to keep this chronic disorder at bay.

A large number of people pay a visit to the doctor when the blood glucose levels have shot up at an alarming rate. Late diagnosis makes the disease condition more complicated. However, recognizing certain specific physical symptoms during the initial stages of the disease is extremely useful in helping you deal with the disease in a much better way.

Five Important Physical Symptoms of Diabetes

If you or your family member are vulnerable to diabetes attack, look out for the following physical symptoms:


In this condition, you could be suffering from extreme hunger. This occurs because the cells in your body do not get energy from glucose molecules. In healthy individuals, glucose molecules with the help of insulin are converted into energy and are supplied to cells and tissues all over your body.

When there is a decrease in insulin production or an increase in glucose molecule circulation without proper utilization, cells become devoid of energy, making them hungry. This will in turn make you hungry even if you have eaten a heavy meal.


Increased bouts of urination should never be neglected as nothing serious. An increased circulation of glucose molecules will make the blood highly concentrated.

Top 5 Physical Symptoms Of Diabetes

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In order to dilute this high saturation levels, kidneys will begin to draw out water molecules. This will automatically lead to increased urination.


If you feel extremely thirty all the time, you need to take notice of the signals that are being sent by your body to your brain. Extreme thirst is a direct result of excessive urination. The cells become parched and dehydrated at an alarmingly fast rate. This is one of the most easily observable physical symptoms that could indicate onset of diabetes.

Extreme Lethargy

If you are constantly feeling tired and worn out, its time you pay a visit to the doctor. Lethargy and tiredness is generally brushed aside as nothing serious or as a symptom of extreme workload and stress.

However, feeling tired could always indicate the presence of excess glucose molecules in your body. In diabetes, these molecules do not get converted into energy, in turn making you feel dull and lifeless.


If you experience frequent episodes of numbness where your hands and legs, especially in the extremities, become numb all of a sudden, you could be suffering from diabetes. Over time, an excess glucose circulation will damage the nerve extremities. This will lead to loss of sensation. A tingling sensation is also observed in some cases.

If you notice the aforementioned physical symptoms, paying a visit to the doctor at the earliest is highly recommended.

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