Various Complications Of Hypertension In Diabetes

hypertension in diabetes

hypertension in diabetesMost people having diabetes experience high blood pressure (hypertension). Living a healthy life is everyone’s desire irrespective of the limitations an ill health may pose. With diabetes, it is important to adopt preventive tools which can help you avoid experience hypertension anytime in life. It is crucial to do all you can to avoid complications when living with a long-term condition as diabetes.

Since hypertension may not reveal itself through symptoms, due to which it is often referred to as a silent killer, you should be particularly careful of mapping your blood pressure in all your visits to the doctor as well as (routinely) at home. Diabetes and hypertension have many common traits and follow similar pathways. Being aware of the association is being pro-actively involved in managing both these conditions well.

Complications Of Hypertension In Diabetes

Hypertension, Diabetes And Risks

Although blood pressure readings essentially do not stick to one or two numbers, there is an indicative figure.  Blood pressure should ideally be 130/80 in order to be considered normal. Hypertension can bring many risks including raising the likelihood of eye problems, kidney disease, heart attack and stroke. Diabetes and hypertension are considered as two primary risk elements for atherosclerosis.

In a study, it was found out that less than  50% of people with diabetes had well controlled blood pressure while only a little more than 50% of people with hypertension revealed normal glucose levels. Figures in a study also revealed that hypertension affected as much as 80% of the people having type 2 diabetes.

Hypertension, Diabetes And Obesity

Obesity is believed to be a crucial factor in hypertension and diabetes. When a person is obese, he/she is more likely to suffer from high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Obesity, which is mainly determined through genes, can be an outcome of imbalanced intake of energy and dysfunction in the brain’s feeding center.


Diabetes and obesity have some common genes which may be considered the culprits. Obesity is commonly found as a factor for hypertension and diabetes.

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Hypertension, Diabetes And Genes

There is a high incidence of overlap of diabetes and hypertension among the population. This is suggestive of the genetic aspect of these conditions among humans. Other factors which are likely to bring out an association include obesity, oxidative stress, inflammation and insulin resistance. In a study of single nucleotide polymorphisms (or SNPs), development of diabetes was found predictable to development of hypertension. Environment is also possibly a factor behind the overlap of hypertension and diabetes.

Hypertension, Diabetes And Insulin Resistance

Insulin plays a fundamental role in the development of diabetes, hypertension and metabolic syndrome. Insulin stimulates glucose uptake in the heart and skeletal muscle. It has an important role in stimulating the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) which enhances cardiac output. It also produces other beneficial metabolic effects including inhibition of release of free fatty acids.

Insulin resistance


In insulin resistance, the normal action of insulin is hindered like failure to trigger the signal for glucose absorption. Usually, type 2 diabetes people are insulin resistant; and almost half of those with fundamental hypertension are also insulin resistant. Hence, insulin resistance emerges a common link between diabetes and hypertension.