10 Major Diabetic Symptoms In Babies

Type 1 diabetes, most commonly diagnosed in babies, infants and teens is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system of our own body attacks the insulin producing cells. This leads to an increase in the levels of blood sugar due to insufficient insulin in the body. Diabetes usually develops very swiftly in babies, sometime over a period of just a few weeks time.

Diabetic Symptoms In Babies

In many cases, the symptoms can advance to the next stage of diabetes at a considerable faster rate, so it is important to understand and rightly suspect the symptoms of diabetes in babies.

Understanding The Diabetic Symptoms In Babies

Weight Loss

Sudden weight loss is considered to be one of the most important symptoms of diabetes in babies. Contrary to the saying that growing babies lose a lot of weight, you should be on the look for any weight loss symptoms in your baby. If you observe that the baby is constantly losing weight despite consuming prescribed nutritious diet, rush to your doctor without any delay.

Frequent Urination

If you may notice that your baby is urinating frequently leading to an overtime of diaper changing sessions, ensure to observe if this situation remains constant or reduces to normal. This could be a very significant symptom of juvenile diabetes. In this medical condition, pancreas fail to produce sufficient amount of insulin required for the normal functioning of a body.

This increases the glucose level in the blood. In turn, kidneys respond to the unusually increased levels of blood glucose and eliminate glucose through urination. An infant suffering with diabetes tends to urinate more than normal to pass away the excessive sugar in the body.

Unusual Behavior

It is true that new parents are pretty conscious of a child’s health and want to monitor each breath of their babies. But, you must know when to call a doctor and when to ignore. An ailing child is usually irritable and cranky. Babies with diabetes often tend to whine a lot and are difficult to comfort. If you find that the baby is continuously crying or may be does not cry at all, but is feeling uneasy, you must see a doctor. In addition, if you notice that your baby is facing any kind of breathing difficulty, consider it an unusual behavior.

Increased Thirst

Sudden increase in thirst is considered to be one of the most important symptoms of diabetes in babies. Since small babies are unable to explain their problems, diagnosing diabetes becomes difficult. The increase in the blood sugar level is directly proportional to the increased thirst because of increase in urination. The body tries to cleanse it by urinating large amounts of sugar. This condition may lead to dehydration. In order to protect the body from dehydrating, babies get thirstier.


Glucose is the main source of energy in our body. In diabetes, due to lack of insulin the body fails to receive sufficient amount of energy leading to fatigue and frequent tiredness. Though, babies can feel fatigued due to lack of sleep, lot of activities, or lack of parental attention, but if it does not go away despite proper sleep, fun-filled environment and nutritious food then it may be a symptom of some serious problem and should be evaluated by a doctor.

If you notice any such symptom in your baby, then try to observe the pattern of fatigue and since how many days does the baby is feeling fatigued. These details will help doctors diagnose better and faster.

Diaper Rashes

Diaper rashes are considered to play an important role in helping doctors diagnose diabetes in babies. In diabetes, wounds tend to heal very slowly. Due to frequent urination, it becomes imperative to change diapers at a faster rate else it may cause chronic diaper rashes. Due to diabetes, an otherwise normal diaper rash can stay forever on the baby’s skin. It may also lead to yeast infection.

Blurry Vision

The rise in the blood sugar can affect the vision of your baby. It often leads to causing blurring vision, thus, reducing the ability of your baby to focus clearly. Many kids diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes complain of diminishing eyesight, frequent headaches, and acute pain in the eyes.

It is not very common to think of diabetes from any unusual behavior of a baby. Strangely in many cases, diabetes in babies is detected when people consult eye specialists. Diabetes can cause various serious problems; blurring vision is one of them, therefore, considered as an important diabetic symptom in babies.

Excessive Hunger

Sudden increase in the need to eat more can be an alarming signal for parents for your babymay be suffering from Type 1 diabetes. Babies with diabetes, often shows signs of hunger frequently despite timely feeding.

Frequent Infection

If your baby catches frequent infections or you observe a delay in healing of small wounds or cuts, consider seeing a doctor. Due to the high levels of blood sugar in the body, yeasts or fungi thrive causing several infections. An affected baby girl can even catch genital infections very frequently.


Drowsiness is considered to be one of the most important symptoms of diabetes, which can help diagnose this chronic disease faster. You may find that your baby is sleeping throughout the day, even when the baby had no sleep disorders, is not under any medication, and does not have any other apparent medical problems. Diabetes may make your babies weak and lethargy due to lack of sufficient energy in the body.

When the body glucose starts depleting, babies tend to become dull and feel drowsy throughout the day. Early detection of some of the diabetic symptoms in babies may save them from complex ailments associated with diabetes. Many times, when these symptoms are ignored or are not suspected to be diabetic symptoms, patients lose a lot of time and by that time many adverse changes must have already taken place. Understanding these symptoms and promptly acting towards it at an early stage can protect your baby from several medical problems.

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