10 Major Second Stage Diabetic Symptoms

The second stage diabetes, commonly known as the Type 2 diabetes is a chronic medical ailment that adversely affects the glucose metabolism in the body. With Type 2 diabetes, the body either defies the effects of insulin or fails to produce enough insulin to maintain a healthy level of glucose, causing fatal health problems.

10 Major Second Stage Diabetic Symptoms

The symptoms of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are often similar, but the second stage diabetic symptoms may develop gradually in the body. Many times, you would not even realize that you were suffering with Type 2 diabetes for years, unless it starts causing serious health problems. In several cases, people go to see a doctor for some other health issues and come home diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. So, it is important to be aware of the major second stage diabetic symptoms to address the problem in its early stages.

Second Stage Diabetic Symptoms

Excessive Thirst

Excessive thirst is considered to be one of the most important symptoms when diagnosing the second stage diabetes. People with Type 2 diabetes tend to feel thirsty very frequently, as the abnormal rise of the blood sugar pulls the fluids from the various tissues of the body.

Frequent Urination

Increased urination is yet another significant symptom of Type 2 diabetes symptom. In the second stage of diabetes, the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin for the body to function normally, causing rise in the sugar level in the blood. In an attempt to remove the excessive sugar from the blood, kidney responds and leads to excessive urination. A person then tends to get thirsty and resorts to excessive drinking of water to quench the thirst.

Increased Appetite

Increase in appetite is also one of the most important symptoms of diabetes. The lack of sufficient insulin in the body causes loss of energy. A person suffering with Type 2 diabetes feels the urge to eat a lot to satisfy the hunger and give energy to his/her body.

Sudden Weight Loss

If you notice a sudden loss in your weight, despite taking proper nutritious diet, make sure you see the doctor without any delay, as it could be a potent sign of diabetes.

Ideally, if you are eating more, you should gain weight, but for people with Type 2 diabetes, it is the opposite. They tend to undergo excessive weight loss.


Due to the inability of the body to produce significant insulin, a person with the second stage diabetes is bound to feel tired and lethargic throughout the day. In most cases, people seldom think of suffering from this chronic disease, the Type 2 diabetes, when someday they tend to feel low in energy. But, it is important to be aware that if you continue to feel tired despite having no known medical, psychological and physical problem, you should consider seeing a doctor immediately.

Blurred Eye Sight

Blurry vision is a very important symptom of diabetes. With the advancement of diabetes in the body, increases the difficulties in viewing things clearly. Many people attribute this to old age, or tiredness, but the real reason may be diabetes. You can observe this symptom for a couple of days and then schedule a doctor’s appointment to diagnose the main problem of the blurry vision.

Slow Healing and Frequent Infections

Type 2 Diabetes often leads to various kinds of infections and slow healing of the sores and cuts. If you observe that you are frequently getting infected with one or the other infections, then you must plan to see a doctor to take appropriate medications to resolve your health issues.

Some of the main types of infections include infections of skin, and urinary tract. The Type 2 diabetes restricts the body to heal the cuts and wounds at its normal rate. People suffering from this type of diabetes often complain of delayed healing of even a small cut.

Muscle Weakness

The second stage diabetes often leads to weakening of body muscles causing difficulties in performing day to day work, which includes muscle strength. The rise of sugar level in the body often leads to the muscle weakness. Many people suffering from Type 2 diabetes are unable to lift heavy furniture or even climb up the stairs in their homes. It affects them the most, during winter, as it also may lead to muscle pain and swelling of body parts.


If your near and dear ones start complaining that you have become very irritable and have started getting angry, more than the usual, do not scold them. They may be right, and you might be suffering from Type 2 diabetes, even without having realized or diagnosed it. Take time and observe whether you have developed a sudden disinterest in things that you were earlier fond of.

Do you get irritable easily these days? These are some of the things you need to question and answer yourself because it might be a symptom of a chronic disease that you would need to fight with. Irritability is one of the most crucial symptoms, which needs to be recognized and reported to the doctor for better recovery through different medications.

Skin Darkening

The darkening of skin is a significant symptom of the Type 2 diabetes. Some people with this type of diabetes may observe dark patches and velvety skin in some parts of their body, mainly in the folds such as in the armpits. This medical condition is known as the acanthosis nigricans.

It is considered to be one of the crucial signs of resistance of insulin in the body. Many people may tend to ignore this ailment, not considering that this could be because of the Type 2 diabetes. But, you must treat it seriously and check with your doctor immediately.

Understanding different symptoms of the second stage diabetes helps you to be aware to recognize them, if ever, you or someone you know may suffer from these symptoms. It is always beneficial to diagnose any symptom of the ailment, as early as possible, as you can initiate a proper medication towards treating it and saving yourself from other major associated fatal diseases.

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