5 Important Causes Of Diabetic Corneal Neuropathy

Diabetic corneal neuropathy is a medical condition in which the nerves related to cornea of the eyes get damaged due to high blood sugar. Cornea is a very sensitive part, which is almost 300 times more sensitive than the skin in our body. The main function of the corneal nerves is to provide a protection and regulate the proliferation and wound healing capacity of the corneal epithelium.

Diabetic corneal neuropathy reduces the corneal sensitivity and leads to corneal keratopathy. This may also cause frequent ulcers and increased vulnerability to injuries. In diabetic corneal neuropathy, the nerves become weak and gradually lead to several complications such as blurry vision, pain in the eyes, frequent headaches and sometimes blindness in the worst cases.

During the onset of diabetes, when the sugar content in the blood rises beyond control, it leads to diabetic corneal neuropathy. Nerves can get damaged even by a mild increase in the levels of blood sugar causing some kind of nerve damage in every person who is suffering from diabetes. It is interesting to know that people who have not been diagnosed with diabetes, but report high levels of blood sugar in the body are also likely to get diabetic corneal neuropathy.

Important Causes Of Diabetic Corneal Neuropathy

Dysfunctional Immune System

Normally, the immune system provides a covering layer to our body, saving us from different viruses and bacteria that may harm us. But, unfortunately, when you are suffering from diabetes, this protective aegis works differently and tend to attack the body. In this strange process, the immune system itself kills the healthy cells that are required to produce insulin in our body.

With the decline in the number of healthy insulin-producing cells, pancreas either completely fails to produce insulin or produces very less amount of insulin in our body. This creates problems in the transportation of glucose to the entire body and the sugar levels keep building up in the blood stream. It leads to abnormal levels of sugar content in our blood, causing diabetic corneal diabetes, affecting our eye sight.

Genetic Connection

Genes play a tremendous role in causing the diabetic corneal neuropathy. When people have a family history of diabetes along with nerve damage, it makes them more vulnerable towards developing diabetic corneal neuropathy.

Smoking And Boozing

People who are addicted to smoking and boozing have high chances of developing the diabetic corneal neuropathy. Also, uncontrolled weight may cause this medical condition in a person.

Increased Blood Sugar

High levels of blood sugar can also be one of the greatest causes of diabetic corneal neuropathy. The excessive deposition of the sugar content in the blood stream due to lack of sufficient insulin may affect the corneal nerves.


Any injury to the nerves of the eyes can lead to diabetic corneal neuropathy. As a kid, you may have been hit in your eyes by a cricket ball, which may over the years lead to damage of the corneal nerves.

You may not realize it then but, that injury may lead to several dangerous complications like blurry vision and even complete loss of eye sight. If you ever experience any eye injury, it is recommended that you check with your doctor for it may lead to severe medical condition such as the diabetic corneal neuropathy.

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