5 Important Signs Of Pediatric Prediabetes

Pre-diabetes is an umbrella term to indicate that a person may be at a risk of developing the Type 2 diabetes very soon. When this condition is diagnosed in children, it is named as Pediatric Prediabetes. It usually affects children under 18 years of age. It is a condition where the blood sugar levels may be higher than normal children of the same age, but not high enough to be confirmed as diabetes.

5 Important Signs Of Pediatric Prediabetes

This medical condition occurs due to the imbalance created in the body because of high levels of blood sugar and insulin resistance. It is a common problem with children who are overweight. When children are diagnosed with this medical condition, they can try to control the condition by endorsing a healthy life style and reducing weight. Unfortunately, pediatric prediabetes may not have any special symptoms, other than those that are same as the Type 2 diabetes symptoms, like increased hunger, excessive thirst and frequent urination.

Signs and Symptoms of Pediatric Prediabetes

Acanthosis Nigricans

Acanthosis Nigricans is one of the most potent signs of Pediatric Prediabetes. In this condition, you may notice dark patches on the skin. This darkening of the skin may develop on the neck, knees, knuckles or armpits.

If you may find a dark ring around the neck or other dark patches on the skin of your child, make no assumptions and check with the doctor on the first available appointments for it may be diabetes knocking at your door. If pre- diabetic condition is diagnosed before diabetes has developed, it might be easier for you and your child to cope and work towards curbing the condition.

Increased Hunger

With the increase of blood sugar in the body due to improper levels of glucose in the blood, a child is bound to feel hungry every now and then. In this condition due to the lack of sufficient amount of insulin required for the body to convert glucose into energy, leads to frequent bouts of hunger in the child.

Frequent Urination and Thirst

Frequent urination and thirst are some of the hallmark symptoms of pediatric prediabetes. Children who suffer from pre-diabetic conditions tend to urinate more than normal and as a result feel thirsty more often. When the sugar level in the body increases uncontrollably, it causes huge deposits of glucose in the blood stream.

In a healthy body, the glucose is converted into energy that is used by the body to function normally, however, in this condition the increased levels of glucose acts as a hindrance to the normal functioning of the body. The kidneys try to clear the blood stream by passing out the excessive sugar content in the body as urine. Thus, children with pre-diabetic conditions feel the urge to urinate more and drink more often.


Fatigue is also one of the most important symptoms of Pediatric Prediabetes. Children suffering from pre-diabetic conditions tend to get very tired and lethargic due to the lack of energy in the body.

Yeast Infection

Pediatric Prediabetes often leads to development of yeast infection and delayed healing of wounds and cuts in the body. If you notice that any wound is taking considerably longer time than normal to heal, you might need to get alert and check with the pediatrician for it can be a sign of diabetes.

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