5 Major Causes Of Child Onset Diabetes

Diabetes in children, also known as the juvenile diabetes is one of the most severe medical conditions that may hinder the overall health of your child. Type-1 diabetes is the type of diabetes which is mostly known to affect children. Child onset diabetes may occur at any age before the child reaches 16 years.

This medical condition is developed mainly due to the impaired immune system, which causes abnormal deposition of glucose in the blood stream. By far, diagnosing diabetic symptoms in children is considered to be one of the most tedious tasks. Many times, children do not understand why they are feeling thirsty or hungry so much.

Since, not everybody is aware of the diabetic symptoms and their causes, it often leads to ignorance. Ignoring various signs of diabetes may lead to greater problems and you may not be able to catch the disease at its onset. So, it is very essential to know the causes of child onset diabetes, as it’s an early diagnosis and treatment of diabetes.

Various Causes of Diabetes in Babies

Immune System

The ability to fight different germs and foreign bodies is one of the greatest functions of our immune system. The immune system works as a shield that protects us from different bacteria and viruses, but only until you have diabetes. In a diabetic condition, the immune system tends to harm the healthy cells and leads to low or no insulin production in the body.

The insulin is a very important hormone as it helps transport the glucose to different parts of the body. Without enough insulin, the body does not work efficiently and glucose keeps piling up in the blood stream. When the levels of blood sugar are not controlled in time, then it may lead to child onset diabetes.

Untimely Interruption of Mother’s Milk

Research suggests that a mother’s breast milk is the best food for babies until they reach 3 month of their age. But, due to different reasons, many people stop breast feeding and introduce milk formula as their children’s staple food. This often leads to child onset diabetes.

Introduction of Other Baby Foods

Stopping mother’s milk and introducing other baby foods may be a potent reason of child onset diabetes. If you want to switch to other baby food, then it is recommended that you must consult your doctor and get the list of foods that are appropriate for your child.

Genetic Aspect

Genes are one of the main causes of child onset diabetes. It is observed in several cases that when a kid reports to have diabetic parents or if any immediate family member of the kid has diabetes, then the chances of development of diabetes in that kid is considerably higher than those kids who do not have a family history of diabetes.

Environmental Factors

Many environmental factors such as virus and bacteria can also cause child onset diabetes. Some of the viruses are very dangerous as they may cause diabetes in kids since their birth. Viruses like rubella, chicken pox and Epstein-Barra are known to cause child onset diabetes.

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