5 Major Causes Of Hyperlipidemia And Diabetes

Hyperlipidemia is a group of ailments that revolves around the increased levels of lipids like cholesterol in the blood. This medical condition is known to mostly affect people who are suffering with high blood sugar. It is common that people with Type-2 diabetes face problems related to hyperlipidemia.

It is observed that when the lipids increase in the blood, it increases the chances of developing other associated health problems. Hyperlipidemia and diabetes often go hand in hand creating troubles for the people suffering from these ailments. Artery blockage, stroke and heart failureare some of the severe consequences of hyperlipidemia and diabetes. There may be a number of causes that affect people with these ailments but heredity and sedentary lifestyle are considered to be some of the main causes of hyperlipidemia and diabetes.

Various Causes Of Hyperlipidemia And Diabetes


Heredity is considered to be one of the main factors to cause hyperlipidemia and diabetes. Genes inherited from parents with diabetes often makes a person susceptible towards developing these ailments. Though, genetics play a potent role in causing hyperlipidemia and diabetes, it is not the only reason that can cause these diseases. When the genetically susceptible person gets influenced by other factors known to cause hyperlipidemia and diabetes, then it leads to these diseases.

Fat Rich Diet

Fat-rich diet is one of the most dangerous causes that help boost the risks of developing hyperlipidemia and diabetes in a person. It is observed that people who often take fat-rich diet like beef, butter, ghee, oil, and fried items in their regular meals eventually develop hyperlipidemia and diabetes. It is very important to curb these eating habits and include healthy food that is low in fat as our daily food.


Being overweight can cause several health issues including hyperlipidemia and diabetes. When a person is obese, it poses great risks towards his or her health. It is essential to maintain a healthy weight throughout the life to avoid developing these ailments. Type-2 diabetes is observed to affect a lot of people who are overweight. Men who are obese have a higher risk of developing diabetes than women.


Pregnancy may also cause hyperlipidemia and diabetes. During pregnancy, the body produces some hormones that are rich in glucose and can increase the risk of developing gestational diabetes.

When a woman is pregnant, doctors often suggest her to maintain a normal weight during pregnancy to avoid different pregnancy related complications for her as well as for the baby. This condition becomes more vulnerable when the person has a family history of diabetes or is overweight.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle is also a very important cause of hyperlipidemia and diabetes. Often people get engrossed in their day to day work and forget about leading a healthy life. They tend to work for long hours continuously without taking any beaks. Many people even skip meals due to work load, depend on junk food to satiate their hunger and do not exercise. This affects the overall health condition and often leads to hyperlipidemia and diabetes along with other chronic ailments such high blood pressure, depression, and arthritis.

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