5 Major Causes Of Nerve Damage From Diabetes

Nerve damage from diabetes, also known as the diabetic neuropathy is a group of several types of nerve disorders that are caused due to diabetes. People suffering from diabetes may experience nerve damage in any part of their body. It can occur in any organ, including the digestive system, heart or even sex organs. It is reported that almost 60 percent of diabetics suffer from one or the other form of diabetic neuropathy.

Diabetes can lead to nerve damage anytime, irrespective of the age. However, the dangers of adverse consequences rise with the growing age and longer periods of diabetes. Mostly, nerve damage due to diabetes is noticed in people who have been diagnosed with diabetes for over 25 years.

Some diabetics would show no symptoms of nerve damage, but others may experience pain, numbness, loss of sensation, or the tingling effect in the affected area. There are a number of causes that can lead to nerve damage due to diabetes. It is important to understand the various causes of diabetic neuropathy to fathom the probable reasons of this chronic ailment.

Different Causes of Nerve Damage from Diabetes

Autoimmune Factor

Immune system is an intelligent mechanism that protects our body from various foreign bodies. But, in diabetes, the immune system itself tends to harm the healthy cells in the body and kills the cells that are responsible for producing insulin.

With the low or absolutely no production of insulin increases the piling up of glucose in the blood stream, which leads to high blood sugar. If this condition is not treated and brought under control, it may cause nerve damage.

Nerve Injury

Injury in the nerves is also one of the main causes of nerve damage from diabetes. Many times, it is observed that the diabetic neuropathy develops to affect the same nerve that might have been injured some time ago.

This may also lead to other major complications such as brain hemorrhage.

High Blood Glucose

High blood glucose is one of the main causes of nerve damage. When the pancreas fails to produce the required amount of insulin, the body fails to use the glucose in the form of energy. This leads to excessive amount of glucose in the blood and often causes diabetic neuropathy.


Heredity plays a vital role in causing nerve damage due to diabetes. It is observed that when a person has a family history of nerve damage of any organ due to diabetes, then it often poses an increased risk of developing diabetic neuropathy at some stage of life.

However, it is also reported that just genetics may not be able to cause diabetic neuropathy and must be combining with other potent cause to lead to nerve damage.

Lifestyle Aspects

Smoking, consuming alcohol or overweight is some of the main reasons of diabetic neuropathy. If you are addicted to smoking or love to booze very often, then the chances of nerve damage due to diabetes increases manifolds. In addition, being overweight is also another cause of nerve damage due to diabetes.

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