5 Most Common Symptoms Of Hyperlipidemia And Diabetes

Hyperlipidemia is a group of disorders involving high levels of lipids such as cholesterol and triglycerides present in the blood. Type 2 diabetes is linked with a considerably high risk of hyperlipidemia. People suffering from Type 2 diabetes continue to have health problems associated with high levels of cholesterol.


Many times, with high levels of lipids in the body, increases the health issues such as artery blockages, which eventually leads to an increased chance of a heart attack. Unfortunately, hyperlipidemia does not show specific symptoms until it reaches the advanced stages.

But, some of the symptoms are common in both hyperlipidemia and diabetes, such as increased levels of thirst, hunger and urination. It may also show frequent signs of fatigue in the person suffering from hyperlipidemia and diabetes.

Symptoms of Hyperlipidemia and Diabetes

Increased Thirst

When a person is suffering from hyperlipidemia and diabetes, he or she may feel thirsty all the time. This condition occurs due to the loss of water content from the body due to increased levels of urination. It is often considered that because a person drinks more water, it may lead to frequent urination. However, it is not as it may appear to be. It is because a person urinates more, the body urges to drink more water, so that the body does not get dehydrated.

Increased Urination

When the glucose level builds up in the blood stream and rises to an abnormal level, the kidneys begin to remove the excess deposits of sugar content in the form of urine.

Since the sugar level is high in the body, a person suffering from diabetes would rush to the toilet to urinate more often than a person who does not have any symptoms of diabetes or hyperlipidemia. If you may notice this symptom, it is important that you do not ignore it and schedule an appointment with your health specialist.

Increased Hunger

Sudden bouts of hunger may strike a person who is suffering from diabetes or hyperlipidemia. Since the body does not get sufficient energy, it breaks down the natural fat in the body, which leads to increased hunger.


Fatigue is a very important symptom of diabetes and hyperlipidemia. In both the ailments, you may tend to get exhausted very fast and begin to feel the urge to sleep for most of the time. It may also make you lethargy and dull. Diabetes or hyperlipidemia may also make you irritable.

Weight Loss

Weight loss or not being able to gain a good weight is considered to be one of the main symptoms of diabetes or hyperlipidemia. Many times, people think that it is lucky not to be able to gain weight, despite eating a lot of food. However, medical science suggests that this condition may not be as blessed as it may appear to be on its periphery.

It may be a symptom of hyperlipidemia or diabetes. If you find that your appetite has increased manifolds and you have started to eat a lot, but still you are losing weight, then do not be happy of your situation. It may be diabetes or hyperlipidemia indicating that you may need treatment. It is important that you consult your doctor and diagnose the ailment to begin proper treatment without any delay.

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