6 Complications Caused By Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most dangerous diseases because although you may control sugar levelsin the body by medication, the disease causes a lot of damage to different parts of the body. Research studies have found that diabetes is one of the leading causes of eye problems, heart ailments, liver and kidney complications and development of gangrene infection that results in loss of limbs and in worst cases, loss of life.

Complications Caused By Diabetes

6 Complications Caused By Diabetes

Eye Complications

Diabetes is one of major causes of eye damage in the world. Partial loss of vision and reduction in eyesight are some of the most common complications caused by diabetes. If these problems are not addressed at the right time, diabetics stand to lose their eye sight completely. Glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and cataracts are the three eye disorders that are common repercussions of diabetes.

Kidney Complications

In the United States, 44% of all kidney failure cases are found to occur in people with advanced diabetes. The condition is called diabetic nephropathy – a condition in which the kidneys undergo gradual degeneration and finally fail completely, in which case, patients require regular dialysis. In diabetic patients, the kidneys fail to extract waste from the blood and this causes a gradual failure of the body’s detoxification system. It has been observed that even diabetics who succeed in maintaining their blood sugar levels within limits using medication and diet control also suffer from degeneration of the kidneys.

Heart Illnesses

Diabetics are more vulnerable to heart diseases. The glucose that cannot enter into the cells and tissues remains in circulation and this affects the heart and blood vessels.

Diabetes causes blockages in the blood vessels, leading to an increased probability of a heart attack or a stroke. Blockage of blood vessels leads to peripheral vascular disease that impairs the circulation of blood in the legs.

Nerves Damage

High blood sugar levels in the body cause the nerves to degenerate, leading to loss of feeling in the limbs. The toes and fingertips may seem numb due to a lack of sensation. Diabetics experience occasional pain and burning sensation in the limbs too beginning from the toes. This type of damage to the nerves triggered by diabetes is called diabetic neuropathy.

Oral Complications

The gums take a severe beating in patients with diabetes. Saliva secretion is reduced, and this leads to a greater deposition of plaque on the teeth which can lead to rapid tooth decay. Other oral problems include poor circulation of blood in the gums, loss of collagen and gum diseases such as gingivitis. Regular dental checkups and maintaining good oral hygiene can control the occurrence of gum diseases.

Urological and Sexual Disorders

Infections of the urinary tract and bladder are common repercussions of diabetes. Diabetic men suffer higher risk of erectile dysfunction, impotency, low sperm count and loss of sex drive. Women experience meager vaginal lubrication. These problems are caused because of inefficient blood circulation and nerve damage in the body.

Besides these complications, diabetics are also more likely to suffer from sepsis and gangrene infections because wounds do not heal easily. Understanding these complications is important for diabetics because it gives them the necessary sense of seriousness to stick to their medication, diet and exercise plan.

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