6 Major Symptoms Of Hyper Diabetes

Hyper diabetes is a chronic disease cased due to high levels of blood sugar in the body. When the body fails to create sufficient insulin, it leads to increased levels of glucose in the blood. There are a number of symptoms that a patient would easily identify for hyper diabetes such as increased thirst, excessive urination and frequent hunger but there are other symptoms that can differ from one person to another.

Symptoms Hyper Diabetes

Understanding the symptoms of hyper diabetes may help in identifying the problem in its early stages and finding the best available treatment for the same.

Understanding the Symptoms of Hyper Diabetes

Frequent Hunger

A person suffering from hyper diabetes tends to get hungry very frequently. In diabetes, the body fails to regulate the glucose level properly and it becomes difficult to produce sufficient energy for the body. In this condition, people tend to eat more to get enough energy to sustain. If you observe that despite eating your regular meal, you are getting hungry after every small intervals of time, you need to get your blood sugar level checked for it might be a proper case of hyper diabetes.

Excessive Urination

Excessive urination is one of the most important symptoms of hyper diabetes. In this condition, pancreas loses the ability to produce sufficient insulin in the body, which results in the rise of blood sugar. To get rid of the unwanted sugar from the blood, the kidney works towards flushing it. This leads to excessive urination.

Excessive Thirst

As a result of increased urination, a person tends to get thirsty very frequently and drink a lot of water to get some relief from the increased thirst.

The frequent urination and increased thirst goes on and on, one leading to another as a cycle, therefore, it is considered as one of the major symptoms of hyper diabetes.

Fatigue and Irritability

Owing to a lot of stress resulting from loss of energy in the body, a person tends to feel fatigued throughout the day. It can cause high levels of tiredness and drowsiness. It also leads to irritability and frequent spurts of anger. If you observe that you are getting irritated with trivial things, which would have otherwise not bothered you, it might be a good idea to check your sugar level in the blood because you might be suffering from hyper diabetes.

Delayed Healing of Wounds

Diabetes tends to delay the healing of small cuts and wounds. If you notice that some of your wounds are taking longer than usual to heal, you should check with your doctor and understand the reason behind the delayed healing.

It may be a symptom of hyper diabetes and you may require proper treatment, before it leads to further health related complications.

Blurry Vision

Hyper diabetes may lead to blurred vision and cause difficulty in viewing things properly. It is considered to be one of the most critical symptoms of hyper diabetes. Many people attribute this symptom to their growing age, but if you notice this problem, make no assumptions on your own and check with your doctor for this may be a potent symptom of hyper diabetes.

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