7 Symptoms Of Diabetes In Toddlers

Diabetes is a serious health problem that is increasingly affecting our younger generation today. Normally children suffer from type 1 diabetes, while type 2 diabetes is more common in adults above 40 years of age. But, the lifestyle and eating habits have increased the number of child as well as adult patients suffering from type 2 diabetes.

7 Symptoms Of Diabetes In Toddlers

Normally, when an individual takes food, it gets digested and releases a simple sugar, known as glucose. Glucose is then passed to the blood stream, from where a hormone called insulin helps the body cells to absorb glucose into the cells and use it as an energy source. Unfortunately in many kids, body won’t produce sufficient insulin to pass the glucose into the cells of the body and kids develop diabetes due to the increased level of blood sugar.

The number of children suffering from diabetes is increasing every year and it is mainly due to inherited genetic characteristics, which gets triggered by environmental factors such as lack of physical activity and improper diet. With proper and careful monitoring and treatment, glucose can be kept under control.

If left untreated, it may leads to major health problems like heart diseases, blindness, kidney problems, nerve damage, skin infections, gum infections, numbness and tingling of the body extremities, osteoporosis and it even leads to death. Hence, it is necessary to identify the symptoms of diabetes as early as possible and save your young ones.

Common Symptoms of Diabetes in Toddlers

Frequent Urination and Increased Thirst

The excess sugar level in the blood stream draws fluid from cells and this force the kid to urinate frequently. This will also increase the thirst and kids having diabetes require more water than usual.

Extreme Hunger

Diabetic effected kids are won’t get enough energy, as the deficiency of insulin prevent their body cells from absorbing glucose and converting it into energy. Hence, their organs and muscles lack energy, which triggers hunger. Hence, they demands more food and may eat frequently.


A toddler with diabetes gets fatigued easily, as he/she is not getting appropriate amount of energy from the food he/she consumes. Therefore, spending of energy while playing etc. makes the toddler fatigued.

Weight Loss

Weight loss in diabetes affected kids would be significant. In spite of taking enough food, kids lose weight because their body starts to use the fat deposits and muscles for energy purpose, as they do not get energy from the sugar source.

Vision Changes

Kids with high blood sugar often have blurred vision. This is because the fluid in the lenses of the eyes may get pulled out because of the high sugar content in the body and it becomes difficult for the kid to focus on the objects clearly.

Unusual Behavior

Toddlers with diabetes often become irritable or depressed and this can be due to the fatigue that they are suffering from.

Skin Changes

Usually kids with diabetes develop dry and itchy skin and any wounds or sores may take more time to heal. Many times such kids develop skin infections even with minor wounds, as the blood is loaded with more sugar, the chances of yeast and bacterial infections are also more.

Some toddlers may even develop tingling in the feet. If the toddlers are still in diapers, they may develop diaper rashes. This is because yeast thrives well in high sugar in the urine and girl child may even develop yeast infection in the vagina.

It is necessary to diagnose the symptoms of diabetes in toddlers as early as possible and avoid serious health problems.

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