Benefits Of Soy Yogurt For Treating Diabetes

Diabetes, often characterized by the poor secretion of insulin in the body is one of the most chronic ailments that may cause different health problems in people. In this disease, insufficient production of insulin leads to poor absorption of glucose in the body. Though, glucose is the main source of energy in our body, increased levels of glucose in the blood can adversely affect it.

Benefits Of Soy Yogurt For Treating Diabetes

It often damages the blood vessels in the body and leads to severe symptoms of various complications such as heart diseases, kidney failure, loss of vision and brain hemorrhage. But, this chronic ailment can be effectively managed by controlling its different symptoms. Many people opt for medicines, alternative treatments or injections. In addition to these methods of treatment, including soy yogurt in your regular diet can greatly help treat diabetes. Soy yogurt contains soy protein, which is known to improve the blood sugar in the body.

Choosing between Plain and Fruity Soy Yogurt for Best Results

Soy yogurt can be beneficial in both its forms, plain and enriched with different fruits. However, soy yogurt with fruits such as blue berries can provide you with high contents of phenol and antioxidants that can control diabetic symptoms.

Though, a sweet item is the last thing that a person with diabetes can think of eating, but soy yogurt may prove to be a sweet exception. However, make sure you consult with your doctor before including this food supplement in your diet.

Various Advantages of Soy Yogurt for Treating Diabetes

Disrupts the Lipid Peroxidation

The soy yogurt contains isoflavones, a very important chemical known to help treat symptoms of diabetes. The isoflavones, mostly genistein and daidzen work towards disrupting the free-radical, lipid peroxidation and symptoms of diabetes and other associated complications like heart disease and help control diabetic symptoms.

Low on Glycemic Index Value

Glycemic index is a measure of checking how fast the carbohydrate-rich food can trigger the rise of blood sugar in the body. Soy yogurt ranks low on the glycemic index, as it slowly releases glucose in the blood stream.

This helps to keep the sugar level in the blood under complete control. Soy yogurt helps dispose of the insulin efficiently with reduced secretion of insulin. So, including soy yogurt in your daily diet can help minimize insulin resistance in people with Type 2 diabetes.

Useful Dietary Fiber

The soluble fiber found in soy yogurt helps stabilize the levels of blood sugar through gastroparesis. For a healthy body, it is recommended to eat about 18 to 36 grams of fiber every day, which you can achieve by just including soy yogurt and other soy foods in your diet. This soy-rich food supplement helps reduce the release of carbohydrates in the blood stream.

Effects on Cholesterol

Soy yogurt also helps maintain the cholesterol in the blood. Some amount of cholesterol is required for the body, but when the level of cholesterol increases it may cause various complications such as heart and artery diseases.

In addition, if you are already suffering from diabetes, then it becomes very important that you maintain healthy levels of cholesterol. It is recommended to include 25 grams of soy protein in your food can help minimize the levels of cholesterol by at least 5 to 10 percent.

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