Best Herbs For Diabetic Eye Cure

Diabetes can cause a number of health complications including problems related to eyes. Diabetic eye is one of the most common problems that arise due to diabetes, the chronic disorder. The diabetic eye problems can cause eye pain, strain and headache.

Best Herbs For Diabetic Eye Cure

These problems occur when the body is unable to produce sufficient insulin or use it efficiently. Insulin is used to convert glucose into the energy for the body. There are many herbs that can cure the diabetic eye complications naturally without causing any side effects.

But, it is recommended to consult the doctor before using any herbal cure for treating the diabetic eye complications.

Different Herbs for Curing the Diabetic Eye Problems

Bilberry Effect

Bilberry is one of the best herbs that can help treat and prevent diabetic eye problems. Mostly used in France, bilberry leaves can work wonders to lower the levels of an abnormally increased blood sugar.

The bilberry fruit is also very helpful in treating diabetic eye, as it has effective antioxidant that can greatly improve the circulation of eye problems in several diabetics. You can also find bilberry extracts in different food stores from where you can buy the bilberry extract and take about 80mg. twice a day. This will help reduce the diabetic eye problems.

Ancient Ginkgo

Ginkgo is one of the most ancient trees in the world but it is still helpful in reducing the diabetic eye complications. This herb stimulates pancreas to increase the secretion of insulin. Ginkgo contains an antioxidant called flavonoids that helps improve various symptoms of diabetes, including the diabetic eye problems.

This antioxidant neutralizes the damage caused by the free radicals in a person with diabetes. It plays a significant role in altering the release of several chemicals that aids the development of nerve damage in diabetics.

Hawthorn Herb

Hawthorn plays a pivotal role in strengthening the blood vessels near the eyes. Its leaves, flowers and even berries are considered to be useful in treating various eye related problems in diabetics. The multiple antioxidant effect combines together to help improve the diabetic conditions.

Though, the dosages may differ from person to person depending upon the severity of the problem, many herbalists suggest taking about 100 mg to 250 mg of hawthorn extract to treat or prevent diabetic eye. It is best to consult a doctor before you start taking this herb as a diabetic eye cure.

Jambul Seeds

Jambul seeds prove to be very effective in strengthening the blood vessels of the eyes in diabetics.

These seeds help in lowering the levels of blood sugar, thus improving the overall health condition of a person with diabetes. It is recommended to keep a track of the improvement or changes that you may notice after taking this herb regularly.

Margosa leaves

Margosa leaves, commonly known as the neem leaves are also considered to be one of the most effective herbs for treating the diabetic eye problems. When you take the juice of the neem leaves in an empty stomach, it helps improve the blood sugar levels.

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