Best Natural Treatments For Diabetes

Those who are at higher risk of type 2 diabetes can make use of natural treatment given by the herbs. These herbs will lower the blood sugar levels. There are many studies that were done recently which discussed about the association of efficient control of blood glucose levels with the herbal treatments. These study results have made more diabetic people to use the natural substances in managing the diabetes.

Best Natural Treatments For Diabetes

There are certain plants that aid in reducing the diabetic effect. They include Aloe Vera, Ginger, Bitter melon, Fenugreek and Cinnamon. These herbs are known to reduce the blood sugar levels very effectively and sometimes their medical uses are doubted by some westerners.

It is known well that many of the vitamins, supplements and herbs interact with the diabetes drugs and enhance their ability to reduce the blood sugar levels to a very low measures which will result in increase of the hypo-glycemic effect of these drugs. Before using these herbs, it is essential for the users to discuss about the usage of the specific herb and the dosage at which it can be used.

Natural Treatment for Diabetes


Allium sativum is known as garlic and it possesses the antioxidant properties. Allium will help in decreasing the blood glucose, enhance the secretion of insulin and slow down the insulin deprivation. Several additional studies are necessary to be done as limited information is available.

Bauhinia Forficata

This plant grows in South America and is utilized in herbal cure that has originated from Brazil. Bauhinia is considered as ‘vegetable insulin’. Many studies that were done on the functioning of this herb has revealed that these herbs are used as tea infusions which are known to cause hypoglycaemic effects.

Ocimum Sanctum

This herb is used in many of the traditional medicinal practices and is called as holy basil. The clinical trial using this herb could show the positive impact of it on the glucose levels in postprandial as well as in fasting states.

The scientists understand that Ocimum will increase the beta cell functioning process and stimulate the secretion of the insulin.

Eating Planned Diet

Diabetes will worsen by eating wrong diet. Therefore, diet has to be properly planned. Some of the points that have to be remembered while selecting the diet for diabetics are evading sugarsor carbohydrates in any form that are available in banana, potato, rice, fruits and other cereals, eating a bitter dish as part of the meal, and eating green leafy vegetables or black gram or soya bean or fish.

The diet for diabetics must also include Bengal gram, black gram, Indian gooseberry, garlic, onion, bitter gourd, Jambul fruit and string beans. The pancreas will be stimulated when the person eats raw vegetables and herbs so that insulin secretion will be increased.

Following a Lifestyle

It is important for the diabetics to not sleep during the day time. They will have to cease smoking permanently to experience better and rapid results. The eye has to be examined regularly to monitor its health status. It is essential to perform regular exercise by the diabetics. The foot has to be taken care frequently to avoid any complications due to diabetes.

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