Best Naturopathic Treatment Of Diabetes

Diabetes is considered a lifelong and incurable disease in which our body is unable to use the glucose from the food and as a result there is increase in the level of glucose in the blood stream. Diabetes is commonly regarded as a disorder of the pancreas. 

When the pancreas becomes inactive and malnourished and it ceases to produce insulin, it restricts the body from converting the sugar into energy for your muscles. The uncontrolled blood glucose level can lead to serious diseases and infections and some of them can even become life threatening.

According to naturopathy, diabetes can be brought under control by following a healthy lifestyle. Diabetes treatment aims to reduce the increased level of glucose in your blood stream. Treatment will not benefit if the diabetic person follows a sedentary lifestyle. In most cases following a healthy lifestyle strictly can even help to avoid medications.

Naturopathic Treatment of Diabetes

Diet and Lifestyle Changes

Naturopathy recommends a special diet that can help the body to adjust the sugar into the system. A diet poor in nutrition can aggravate the symptoms. Fasting therapy is recommended in naturopathy under the supervision of a naturopathy physician. An alkaline diet containing low fat and fiber rich complex carbohydrate foods are recommended as these foods have a tendency of slow absorption and as a result will restrict the rapid increase in glucose level.

Green leafy vegetables, fruits like tomatoes, oranges and rose apples should be included in your diet. Some fruits like banana, mangoes, custard apple, dates and black grapes should be avoided. Vegetables like potatoes, beet root, sweet potatoes, double beans should also be avoided.

Eating raw foods that are rich in essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals will be highly beneficial for a diabetic as these foods increase metabolism. A diabetic person should avoid cooked starchy food completely as they quickly get absorbed in the system and increases blood sugar level.

Sprouted Bengal gram, soy nuts and green leafy vegetable are beneficial for a diabetic person. Drinking bitter gourd, bottle guard and cucumber juice in the morning will be extremely helpful in controlling the blood sugar level. Sprouted fenugreek seed is very useful in controlling blood sugar.  Avoid fried, spicy, non-vegetarian and processed foods. Stay away from smoking and drinking alcohol. Avoid sugar sweetened drinks completely. Regular walk and moderate exercise is also recommended.


Naturopathy suggests hydrotherapy for diabetics as they can help improve the metabolic rate and control the blood sugar level. The purpose of these therapies is to detoxify the system by cleansing the accumulated toxins. There are various types of hydrotherapy techniques.

They include warm water enema, immersion bath, hip bath, and steam bath, hot and cold compress on abdomen. They increase the muscle’s capability to utilize blood sugar and also enhance the blood flow to the muscles which ensures better sleep.

Treatment with Herbs

For promoting healthy pancreas, certain herbs like bitter melon and cedar berries are recommended. Herbs like Ginseng tea and juniper berries are used to reduce the glucose level.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is highly recommended for controlling blood sugar level. Different asanas help to improve liver functions, digestive system and function of pancreas.

Besides this naturopathy also recommends sun bath, mud therapy and massage therapy to deal with various problems associated with diabetes.

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