Best Preventative Treatment Of Diabetes

Diabetes is of two main types, the type 1 diabetes and the type-2 diabetes. The type 1 diabetes is hereditary and cannot be avoided, as it is caused due to autoimmune destruction of beta cells in the pancreas. These beta cells are responsible for insulin production and so, the body becomes deficient in insulin and proper metabolism of glucose does not occur, leading to elevated sugar levels in the blood.

Preventative Treatment Of Diabetes

In case of type 2 diabetes, unhealthy lifestyle and obesity are the main culprits. In this condition, the body cells become resistant to insulin, thereby affecting the glucose metabolism. As you know, there is no permanent cure for this condition, but we can take steps to prevent the onset of this condition. Type-1 diabetes cannot be avoided, but type-2 diabetes can be prevented by taking some preventative measures.

Diabetes can also lead to several complications, like foot amputations, skin conditions, stroke, blood pressure fluctuations, diabetic neuropathy, and even blindness. You can also takepreventative treatment to prevent onset of such conditions.

Preventative Treatment for Diabetes


Insulin is the main requirement in diabetes. In both, type-1 and type-2 diabetes, there is problem with insulin production and metabolism. So, if you are diagnosed with diabetes, you need to take regular insulin medications or injections, so that the body gets ample supply of insulin, and glucose metabolism could be maintained. In case you are in risk zone for diabetes, i.e. either you are obese, or have unhealthy lifestyle or have a family history of this disease; you can take insulin medication as a preventative treatment for this condition.


The medications that are helpful in preventing onset and complications of diabetes include biguanides, which help in improving the insulin resistance of cells and sulphonylurea drugs, which can stimulate production of insulin within the body.

Monitoring of Blood Sugar Levels

The best preventative treatment for diabetes is by keeping your blood sugar levels in control and regularly monitoring them. You monitor your blood glucose levels by finger prick test kit, which is easy to use at home. You can also get your blood sugar levels tested at regular intervals for this purpose.

The ideal fasting level of sugar in your blood should be anywhere between 4 to 9 mmol/l, neither more nor less, as both are signs of either hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. Getting an HbA1c test done after a gap of every 3 or maximum of 6 months is also helpful in monitories your sugar levels and ensuring that complications would not arise.

Healthy Diet

Eating healthy is considered one of the best preventative treatments for diabetes. Think twice before putting anything in your mouth. Avoid high fats, high calories foods and also processed foods. Include more of fresh fruits, and green vegetables that are lesser in sugar content in your diet. Keep your sweet tooth under control and do not eat too much of sweets.

Physical Activity

Being physically active is the key to good healthy, but it becomes especially important in the case of diabetes. In diabetic people, the blood circulation in limbs is not healthy, so involving physical activities would increase the blood flow in limbs and prevent amputations. Being physically activewill also delay the onset of diabetes, by improving circulation and oxygen flow in the body and keeping it healthy. In case you have blood sugar problems, do not go for rigorous exercising.

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