Common Causes Of Diabetes

Diabetes is a raging medical concern that is spurring at a rapid rate.  This is a grave concern for the present generation. It calls for seriously regulated lifestyle and permanent adherence to certain specific medication. But, it becomes equally crucial to discover the various causes of different types of diabetes, which will be extremely helpful for a diabetic patient to regulate his/her lifestyle accordingly.

Causes Of Type 1 Diabetes

The most alarming news about Type 1 diabetes is that the exact trigger that causes the same remains yet to be discovered.

Internal immune system

Most scientists believe that it is the internal immunity system of an individual that is the major catalyst behind the occurrence of Type 1 diabetes.  They opine that while the immune system of a normal human being fights the harmful virus and bacteria, those of a Type 1 diabetic erroneously destroy the islet cells located within the pancreas. These islet cells are the insulin producing components of a human body.

Consequently, the destruction of islet cells leads to reduction or practically no production of insulin at all.  This curbs the efficiency of the internal mechanism to balance the quantity of sugar in the bloodstream.

In such an altered internal state, the liver becomes incapable of functioning efficiently as a site for storing and manufacturing of glucose. Thus, there is an unexpected aggravation of glucose level in blood, which can lead to life threatening circumstances during unfortunate cases as well!

Causes Of  Type 2 Diabetes

The case of Type 2 diabetics is slightly different from that of Type 1 patients.  Their internal systems do produce insulin. But it is too insufficient for the body itself to recognize the same properly and use it as required.  They actually suffer from a typical medical problem, which is termed as insulin-resistance.  In absence of enough insulin glucose is incapable of getting absorbed into the islet cells of the body.  Thus, the condition manifests in the form of glucose buildup in the bloodstream instead of the cells, making the whole system incapable of functioning properly.

Genetic Factors

A research on the possible causes of Type 2 diabetes has discovered that it is connected with the genetic factor of a family. This means that Type 2 diabetes runs down from one generation to the other in a particular family. There is a permanent genetic deformity in the internal mechanism of the offspring of a family of Type 2 diabetes, which is inherited from the parents to their children. This leads to a permanent impairment of the internal system to produce sufficient quantity of insulin that is required by a body for normal functioning of the body.


Obesity is also a popular cause of Type 2 diabetes.  People with heavy abdomen are vulnerable to Type 2 diabetes. Actually, the fat present within the belly of an obese individual releases certain chemicals that disturb the metabolic and cardiovascular system of the body.  Thus, diabetes Type 2 occurs as a result along with certain other ailments too, such as heart ailments and certain types of cancer.

Normal Aging Process

Age factor is also a prime cause of Type 2 diabetes. The process of aging is closely related to weight gain and diminished physical activity, which promote malfunctioning of the metabolic system and disrupted secretion of insulin.

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