Common Causes Of Sugar Diabetes

In our body there are beta cells present inside the pancreas that produce insulin, a hormone, which works as a dissolving agent on all the glucose that is introduced into the body by the food we eat. This glucose needs to be taken to different parts of the body, including all the body cells, in order for them to produce enough energy for the body to perform its functions.

But when diabetes strikes the body, which is a chronic health condition, these beta cells stop, or decrease the production of insulin, thus leading to the failure of many bodily functions over a certain period of time. Sugar diabetes could be controlled but it cannot be cured. Once it develops inside the body, it has to be dealt with for a lifetime.

Causes of Sugar Diabetes

Everything about the condition of diabetes revolves around the production of insulin in the body. Insulin is that hormone produced by the cells in the pancreas, which regulates the accumulation of and direct the flow of glucose in the body. When, in the absence of proper insulin the glucose levels in the blood increase to alarmingly high levels, the condition of diabetes sets in. The various causes of diabetes are as follows:

Improper Diet

The main cause of diabetes is an individual’s food habits. All food items that are rich in starch and sugar need to be strictly avoided in this situation. Starch rich vegetables like potatoes and fruitslike banana are to be avoided. Meat, caffeine, dried fruits and sodas are all bound to shoot up the sugar levels of the body. For a proper diet one must consult his/ her physician at the earliest.

Artificial Food Additives

Unhealthy lifestyle coupled with excessive intake of chemical food additives, too much junk food and artificial sugar content can also lead to the development of diabetes. Yes, even consuming these so called artificial sweeteners can pose a great risk of diabetics. A recent research study has revealed that food additives and sweeteners added to the food lead to an increase in the blood sugar levels.

The two main chemicals that these food additives use are Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and Aspartame. While the former is added to enhance the flavor, the latter is added to the food to supposedly control the calorie count. Instead theses two toxins have been found to be causing more damage than benefiting one’s health. The study has revealed that Aspartame causes an increase in sugar level and decreases the insulin production of the cells while MSG contributes to substantial weight gain.


Alcohol is another cause for increased blood sugar levels in a person. In addition, it also increases one’s blood pressure, thus pushing the envelope further towards the edge.

Dysfunctional Beta Cell

While it has not been ascertained yet that why do these cells, present inside the pancreas, start acting like this, but it is now a known fact that when they stop producing insulin, or enough insulin in the body, diabetes sets in. In the absence of proper insulin levels, the sugar level rises and starts to interfere with normal body functions. It doesn’t get distributed to the other body parts and thus start to coagulate the arteries. From here, it is a downfall leading to heart attacks, increased blood pressure and loss of normal bodily functions.

So these are the causes of sugar diabetes. If taken proper care of diet and health, this situation can be avoided and even controlled successfully.

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