Common Causes Of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Being the most widely complained about health complication, did you know that type 2 diabetes is surprisingly one of those rare diseases that can be completely prevented if the individual brings about adequate lifestyle changes and dietary modifications?

Diabetes Mellitus

An elevation in blood glucose levels is the fundamental cause for triggering a diabetic attack. Although there are several reasons for an unwanted increase in blood glucose molecules, most of the cases diagnosed for type 2 diabetes arise due to carelessness or insufficient knowledge. Having adequate information about the different causative factors that lead to elevated blood glucose levels is extremely beneficial to increase your awareness and arm yourself with the right type of weapons to keep this killer disease at bay.

Listed Below are Five Common Causes of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus You Need to Be Aware of


This is one of the prime causes for diabetes. An overweight body will become increasingly resistant to insulin molecules. The latter are produced by the pancreas and are responsible for helping the body utilize glucose molecules and convert them into energy.

When there is an increase in resistance, the glucose molecules will start roaming freely inside the blood stream, resulting in diabetes. When this is coupled with increased resistance to insulin molecules, your body becomes a perfect prey for diabetic attacks.

Unhealthy Eating Practices

In most cases, obesity is a direct by-product of unhealthy eating practices. Junk foods, fast foods, saturated food products that are rich in sugar and fat are a perfect concoction for triggering diabetes. These foods elevate the body’s glucose molecules. This sudden increase in glucose molecules will not go down well with the body’s organs, placing a lot of burden on the pancreas.

The latter will not be able to produce sufficient insulin, in turn allowing glucose molecules to roam freely inside the blood stream rather than getting converted into energy. Apart from causing obesity and diabetes, unhealthy eating habits will also cause several cardiovascular problems and place excess burden on other vital organs in your body.

Sedentary lifestyle

Since most of your jobs these days require you to sit in front of the computer screen for long working hours, you give your body very little physical movement. This has a profound effect on the functioning of your organs.

Decreased physical movement will lead to unwanted build up of excess calories that could have otherwise been used. This imbalance in calorie consumption will lead to unwanted storage of excess calories that are in turn stored into fat. This will trigger obesity leading to diabetes.


Pregnant woman could be susceptible to gestational diabetes. In this condition, the mother’s pancreas will not be able to deal with the sudden increase in her body weight.

Additionally, the mother’s body will not be able to produce sufficient insulin molecules to take care of the demands from the growing fetus. This will lead to excess circulation of blood glucose molecules.

Acute Stress

If a person is stressed for prolonged periods of time or is suddenly going through a difficult phase in his/her life leading to acute stress, the body will immediately react in a defensive way to deal with the sudden change in the person’s mental condition.

His/her body will produce hormones like adrenaline and noradrenaline amongst others to raise the body’s glucose molecules to deal with the stressful condition. This will invariably cause diabetes.

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