Common Symptoms Of Diabetes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings about a series of physiological changes in the mother’s body. In order to accommodate the needs and requirements of a growing fetus, the mother’s body tends to adjust and acclimatize itself in a way which it deems to be best suitable. Due to sudden changes in hormonal levels and chemical reactions, an increase in blood glucose levels leading to diabetes during pregnancy is not unheard of. Although not a general phenomenon, a large number of women are vulnerable to gestational diabetes,making it a serious health concern.

Symptoms Diabetes During Pregnancy

Gestational diabetes is commonly observed in women who are overweight even before getting pregnant. Those who conceive after 25 years of age are placed under a high risk category. If you have a family history of diabetes, the chances of you developing the same are very high.

Signs & Symptoms of Diabetes During Pregnancy

If you are suspecting a diabetic attack, look out for the following symptoms:


Extreme lethargy and fatigue could indicate a diabetic attack. Although pregnancy will naturally make you feel tired due to sudden changes in the hormonal levels coupled with nausea and vomiting, extreme lethargy could signal that blood glucose levels in your body are not being converted into energy and are left to freely circulate inside. This might lead to diabetes. In severe cases, this could hamper the fetus’s ability to grow properly.

Excessive Thirst

Also called polydypsia, extreme thirst is not a common symptom of pregnancy and could indicate the possibility of you suffering from gestational diabetes.

High glucose molecules will make the cells dehydrated and parched. Drinking unusually large amounts of water during pregnancy should be a cause of concern.

Delayed Wound Healing

This is by far the most distinct type of symptom that could indicate diabetes during pregnancy. Since the aforementioned symptoms overlap with symptoms of a healthy pregnancy and cause confusion, delayed wound healing is an immediate demarcating sign that your body is suffering from diabetes.

A delay in protein synthesis will lead to slow formation and repair of cells in your body. Therefore, a small cut or wound will take unusually long time to heal. If you notice an infection or wound that is not healing during pregnancy, it is highly recommended that you pay a visit to the doctor.

Unusual Weight Loss

It is no hidden secret that women tend to put on weight during pregnancy. However, if you are suffering from gestational diabetes, you could notice a sudden drop in your weight, leading to unusual weight loss.

Since weight loss is a dangerous condition during pregnancy and can have adverse effects on the fetus’s growth and development, if you notice an adverse dip in weight, get yourself screened at the earliest and receive appropriate treatment.

Other Symptoms

Frequent urination and increased incidences of infections should be a cause of concern.

Since most of the aforementioned symptoms overlap with general symptoms observed in a normal healthy pregnancy, identifying symptoms of gestational diabetes is slightly tricky for the mother. It is always recommended to get a screen test performed. Although the blood glucose levels come back to their original levels after pregnancy, there is always an increased risk of the mother developing diabetes later on in life.

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