Critical Diabetes And Joint Pain Complications

Joint complications are common in patients suffering from diabetes. There are various joint diseases associated with diabetes. Neuropathy and osteopathy are directly related to joint pain in diabetic patients. Joint pain is a consequence of swelling, dislocation or fracture of joints.

Although joint complications are relatively less than other types of diabetes complications, they can be severe in nature. Joint pain can be moderate to severe. Let us try to understand more about joint pain with diabetes.

Various Joint Pain Complications In Diabetes

Charcot Foot And Diabetic Hand Syndrome in Diabetic Patients

These are two important joint diseases commonly experienced by diabetic patients. Charcot foot causes swelling and inflammation of foot joints and sometimes results in deformity.Moderate to severe pain is experienced by patients suffering from Charcot foot with diabetes. Diabetes can also accelerate this medical condition due to osteoporosis. Diabetic hand syndrome is a medical condition that leads to thickened hand skin. The etiology of this condition is unknown. However, it is very common in patients with chronic diabetes.

Complication With Osteomyelitis in Diabetic Patients

Osteomyelitis means inflammation of bone marrow caused due to infection. It is a very common condition in diabetes. It results in severe pain in joints due to bone inflammation. It is often a bacterial infection and is a consequence of peripheral neuropathy.

This kind of neuropathy is caused due to diabetes. Osteomyelitis can infect muscles and tendons as well. The infection may start in other parts of the body and spread to bone through blood causing severe inflammation.

Forestier’s Disease Complication With Diabetes

Studies have associated Forestier’s disease with type 2 diabetes mellitus. It is characterized by hardening of vital ligaments and tendons. The disease affects spinal vertebrae. Most of the patients feel chronic joint pain due to this condition. Forestier’s disease is degenerative in nature. It can result in abnormal calcification of spinal vertebrae. The tendons calcify at their connection points to bones. This results in severe pain with movement of joints and cause continuous discomfort in affected joints as a consequence.

Complication With Diabetic Ankle

This is one of the most common joint complications in diabetes. It is characterized by a swollen ankle causing extreme joint pain. Subsequent development of ulcers and infections often lead to amputations.

If affects patient’s lifestyle in a significant manner by restricting mobility. A diabetic ankle can be a consequence of Charcot’s disease. However, other medical conditions such as osteoarthritis can also be responsible for it. An ankle fracture or severe deformity can result from diabetic ankle.

Joint Pains in Diabetic Patients Due to Osteoarthritis

Diabetic patients have an increased risk of developing osteoarthritis due to osteoporosis caused as a consequence of reduced osteoblast production in human body. This is an indirect consequence of low bone mineral density. Osteoarthritis caused due to diabetes can result in severe joint pain. Most diabetic patients who suffer from osteoarthritis have difficulty in movement. Severe joint pain in osteoarthritis is a consequence of stiff and swollen joints.Osteoarthritis often damages vital tissues and cartilage.

Diabetes can affect different joints in musculoskeletal system. Most of these diseases are indirectly related to diabetic neuropathy and altered metabolism in diabetic patients.

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