Diabetes Caused By Alcoholism

There are different types of diabetes such as Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes and so on. Diabetes is a health condition where the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin in the body. Type 1 diabetes occurs due to genetic conditions. However, it is possible to control type 2 and gestational diabetes.

Diabetes Caused Alcoholism

Diabetes Caused By Alcoholism

Excessive consumption of alcohol causes the type 2 diabetes. When you consult your physician, he/she will give you a diet chart and exercise routine that will help you combat diabetes caused by alcoholism.

Well, enough medical research throws light on alcohol and diabetes. Alcohol abuse causes fatty liver and affects the pancreas. Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause acute pancreatitis and obesity. As a result, there is weight gain, beer belly, depression, low Vitamin D, high Triglyceride levels in the body and it all eventually leads to Type 2 diabetes.

Neglecting medical help and continuing alcoholism can increase the health risks and cause permanent liver damage and death. All medical practitioners will swear by this fact and there is enough source online to prove the same.

Tips to Control Diabetes Caused By Alcoholism

There is no need to worry if you suffer from alcohol related diabetes. It is possible to control diabetes caused by alcoholism. When trying to control diabetes caused by alcohol, try to gradually reduce and finally give up the habit of drinking. It seems like a tough task but with regular exercise and changes in diet, it is definitely not an impossible task.

Talk to your physician, make a note of your present bodyweight, glucose levels and get a through medical checkup. Then ask your doctor about the BMI index and ideal bodyweight for your height.

You can monitor your glucose levels by using a glucose-testing monitor. These are quite affordable and provide accurate random results. Use the diet and exercise chart to monitor your progressand you can see a good improvement in four weeks if you seriously follow the regimen.


Usually, people neglect exercise. Binge drinkers and alcoholics will narrate several excuses to escape exercise. Moreover, alcoholics never realize having diabetes until they go for a medical checkup. Doctors will strictly advise exercise and diet restrictions to combat diabetes caused by alcohol.

To give up alcohol, one needs to avoid thinking of alcohol. Men and women resort to drinking due to depression, work stress and other tensions. However, alcohol consumption only aggravates problems. On the other hand, physical activity, following a regular exercise regimen and making healthy dietary choices can eliminate the need to drink alcohol.

Combat diabetes due to alcohol by joining a health club. Hire a personal trainer or find an exercise partner. Join aerobics, swimming or perform cardio exercises in the gym. Maintain a daily log and make a note of your daily workout. It will work as a good motivating factor. Reward yourself with a small treat for losing a few pounds in a month.


While drinking, it is natural to consume unhealthy snacks and foods. These contain high amounts of saturated fats.The best way to combat diabetes is by eating healthy and nutritious foods. Eat one avocado per day or two bananas, if you do not find avocado. Avocado is the best source for reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol in your body. It will help you reduce the ALT and AST levels that increase due to drinking alcohol.

Eat low glycemic index foods such as raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and papaya. Vitamin C fruits and vegetables can also combat diabetes. Eat more servings of whole grains, whole wheat and multi-grain foods. Adding more vegetables and fruits to your diet with reduce the cholesterol in your body. If you eat healthy and exercise every day, it is quite easy to get rid of diabetes caused by alcoholism.

Plenty of information is available online, about the causes of diabetes, especially those related to prolonged alcohol consumption. Binge drinking and consuming alcohol on empty stomach can aggravate health risks and increase the sugar levels in your body. What begins as a harmless social drinking can become quite harmful if it becomes a habit. Alcohol, smoking and drugs are all toxic and will damage the liver, lungs and hamper the proper functioning of your anatomy. Inculcating good eating habits, regular exercise and developing hobbies can help you combat such health risks without hassle.

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