Diabetes Treatment In The Elderly

One of the most commonly seen diseases in today’s world is diabetes. Roughly speaking, the elderly people were the abode of this disease. However, today it is seen even in middle-aged population and is spreading to adolescents too. Diabetes is difficult to manage in the elderly people. The growing health problems of these elderly people make the treatment even more difficult.

Diabetes treatment elderly

Ways to Treat Diabetes In The Elderly

Tracking the Disease

Tracking the disease involves getting the most accurate information about the status like the blood sugar level, etc. Both the doctor as well as the patient should be well-acquainted with the current standing of the disease. If there is accurate information, only then it will be possible to chart out the diet, the nutrition and the exercises. Regular check-ups will help in keeping a track of how you are improving. Your medication can be planned accordingly.


In the first place the tendency to exercise is not so prevalent in many of us. To add to that the elderly people are indeed reluctant to do it. The low energy and the disorderly blood sugar add to the negativity of exercising. A fear of getting injured is another reason to avoid exercise. But it is important that these elderly ones are convinced that exercise is going to help a lot in restoring their health. A stroll in the evening, visiting a nearby mall or a garden can go a long way.

Taking Care of Your Wound

The biggest obstacle in the cure of diabetes is the lack of ability to heal speedily. The surgeries or injuries take a whole lot of time to heal. At times, wounds to not heal at all and it becomes potentially life-threatening.

That is why caring for a wound is of utmost importance for a diabetic patient. It can help avoid any further complication and prevent any possible infections.

Skin Care

Apart from taking care of the wounds, bruises and the cuts, it is equally important to give enough attention to the skin. This is especially important if the diabetic is an adult. Problems can worsen if the elder person has dry skin. Over the years, the skin becomes more flimsy and easily breakable. The skin needs more moisturizing and hydration. Drinking sufficient water can help your skin get back the necessary amount of water. If the skin has enough water, it will not get fragile or break down, reducing the chances of skin wound.

Specific Nutritional Needs

It is vital that the specific nutritional needs of the diabetics are satisfied. That gives them the necessary immunity to fight the disease. Once you know the level of the blood sugar, a specific diet can be planned accordingly. In the elderly people, such nutrition is difficult to plan due to their aging as well as the possible effects the disease might have on them. Nutritional supplements need to be designed for the diabetics.

The good thing is that such diet is available in powers, drinks and shakes. So you do not need to gulp down the unwelcome pills.

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