Diet Tips To Prevent Diabetes

To prevent or control diabetes you need to follow a healthy diet routine. Diet plan need not be too complicated. The simple strategy is consuming food that has low fat, moderate calories and high protein. Eating the right food is the first and foremost step for preventing diabetes.

Diet Tips To Prevent Diabetes

Lose the extra pounds to reduce the risk of diabetes. Reducing even 10% of your weight can reduce the blood sugar level. Proper diet helps to avoid obesity and shed your pounds.

You need not cut down the carbohydrates or fat completely. You can consume complex carbohydrates with high fibre content. Cut down unhealthy fats and include healthy fats. Saturated and Trans fats are unhealthy fats. Unsaturated fats are healthy fats that are good for health. Unsaturated fats are found in fish and plant sources. They are in liquid state at normal temperature.

Diet for Preventing Diabetes


Drinking eight ounces of milk daily cuts the possibility of diabetes by 40%. Milk is rich in calcium, vitamin D and magnesium and it helps your body to use insulin properly. Drink skimmed or 1% milk. Avoid saturated fat as it is not beneficial.


Daily down four cups of coffee and reduce the diabetes risk by 30%. Drink only filtered coffee for preventing diabetes. Unfiltered coffee increases your cholesterol.


Eating nuts daily lowers your risk of diabetes by 20%. An ounce of any of the nuts such as walnuts, cashews or almonds would be beneficial. An ounce daily will not lead to weight gain.


The aroma of this spice controls the fluctuations in blood sugar level, which is a factor for type 2 diabetes. You can sprinkle ½ tbsp of cinnamon daily on your cereals, yoghurt or anything of your choice.

Eat Slow Release Carbohydrates

When compared to proteins and fats, carbohydrates have a major impact on the blood sugar level. Reduce the intake of highly refined carbs such as rice, white bread, pasta, candy, soda and snacks. Complex carbohydrates with high fiber content are called as slow release carbohydrates. They help to maintain constant blood sugar level. They get digested slowly and prevent the production of insulin. It gives long lasting energy and makes you stay full for a long time.

Glycemic Index(GI) notifies how fast your food gets converted into sugar. Glycemic load tells how the food you eat affects blood sugar level. Glycemic load is derived based on glycemic index and the carbohydrate amount in your food. High value of GI increases your blood sugar level fastly and low GI has good effects. Food can be broadly classified into three types

Fire Foods

These foods have more GI and less protein and fibre. It includes white foods like white rice, white bread, white pasta and potatoes. Processed foods, sweets and chips should also be avoided.

Water Foods

These are free foods and there is no restriction for eating these foods. It includes vegetables and fruits.  Dried fruits, canned fruits and fruit juices are not included in water foods.

Coal Foods

These foods are low in GI and high in protein and fibre. It includes whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans, lean meats and sea foods.

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