Easy Ways To Manage The Complications Of Diabetes

Diabetes has become a common phenomenon in the21t century. Hectic life styles, junk food, alcohol, stress are some of the few factors that have contributed in this menace. The worse occurs to people who are on the other side of 50. So here is a list of procedures that you can take to control diabetes complications.

Complications Of Diabetes

List of Procedures

Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

Diabetes is a disease that is not contagious. It is acquired either because of your life style or hereditary reasons. So if you are suffering from diabetes you will have to abstain yourself from certain habits such as smoking, alcohol. Smoking increases the chances for different diabetes complications such as heart attack, stroke and kidney disease.

In fact it has been shown by medical science that people who are diabetes and smoke have three times the risk of suffering a heart attack than non smokers. So it explains you clearly what you need to do. The same goes for alcohol.

Watch Out Your Weight

diabetes people have to be very cautious about their weight and cholesterol level. You need to monitor LDL and HDL cholesterol levels as a high LDL level can block the walls of the arteries. The intake for HDL cholesterol should lie between 40 mg/dl to 50 mg/dl for both men and women. You can go out for morning and evening walks that will keep the body weight under control.

Don’t Forget the Kidneys

Kidneys are highly susceptible to the complications of diabetes as when diabetes sets in your body there is an imbalance in your blood glucose level and the blood pressure goes high.

So you must make it mandatory to have a Microalbumin test done once in a year. You must aim to have a low level such as less than 30 micrograms per milligram of Creatinine.

Take Care of your Eyes

High blood glucose levels can cause complications in your eyes. So you should go for a dilated eye examination once in a year.

Take Care of Your Feet

In case of diabetes wounds do not heal or dry up fast due to the high blood glucose levels. So if you have any cut or fissures in your feet it will take time to heal which can cause gangrenes and other problems.

So you should always keep your feet covered while going outdoors. You should wear shoes that are well fitting and not too tight. You can also keep two pairs of shoes that you can wear in morning and evening separately.

Take Care of Expectant Mothers

if you are a female and plan to have a baby you must control the complications of diabetes at the earliest. You should watch your weight and avoid smoking and alcohol.

Check Your Medications

the immune system becomes weak in case of diabetes. So you should keep all medications such as for flu, aspirin, Pneumonia under check. You may require more or less than the normal dosage if you are diabetic. So the best solution would be to consult the doctor for the dosage to be taken.

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