Effective ayurvedic treatment of diabetes

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian form of medicine that is widely popular in the entire world. Ayurveda has the ability to cure many diseases including diabetes. According to Ayurveda, diabetes is a kapha type of the disarray. The blood sugar level increases, as there is a fall in the actions of the agni. Here are some treatments for diabetes through Ayurveda.

Effective Ayurvedic Treatment of Diabetes

Alteration in Diet

Before expecting any positive results from Ayurveda, it is important to make some essential changes in your diet plans. The very first thing to concentrate on is the lesser consumption of sugar. Apart from the reduced sugar intake, you need to consume fewer carbohydrates and proteins. Higher intake of sugars, carbohydrates and proteins can cause potential harm and even damage to your kidneys.

People suffering from diabetes should refrain from eating fatty foods. The lack of pancreatic enzymes makes the digestion process difficult. The inclusion of fresh vegetables, lemons, oranges and fruits with bitter tasteshould make the major part of your diet as far as possible.

Herbal Treatment

Herbal treatment forms the core of Ayurvedic treatment on more occasions than one. Guggul, Shilajit, neem and gudmar turmeric, apart from many other herbal remedies are used liberally in this form of treatment. If the aloe-vera gel is used with turmeric in its early stages, it can prove to be effective in fighting diabetes.

The Panchakarma

There are antibodies in the diabetics, which are against the pancreatic tissues, known as the auto antibodies. The Panchakarma comes into the picture to tidy up the auto antibodies.

Herbal massages are quite important in the Panchakarma. Fasting is another way of cleansing the body. For better digestion purposes, the colon rehabilitation program is used.

The Bitter Gourd

The Bitter Gourd is probably considered the most effective treatment for fighting diabetes. Consuming one tablespoon of the bitter gourd juice can considerably bring down the sugar level in your blood as well as urine. The Bitter Gourd can even be cooked in ghee. If you want to use it with ghee, you will have to consume it for at least three months to see constructive results.

Tulsi Leaves and Neem Leaves

Treatment of diabetes is all about keeping the sugar level of your body under check. To have effective loss of sugar level, consume 10 tulsi and 10 neem leaves along with 10 belpatras. You have to follow this practice with an empty stomach soon after you wake up. There will be little doubt that your sugar level will not be in control.

Some Important Things to Remember

Controlling the sugar level is all about having the right kind of diets. Ignore the importance of a balanced diet and it will hardly take time to aggravate the disease. The first thing to remember is not to consume sugar in any form – be it fruits, potatoes, cereals, rice or any item that is rich in sugar.

The inclusion of a bitter dish is preferred. If possible, include one such dish in each of your meals. Having raw vegetables at least once day on a regular basis will show you positive results without fail.

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