Five Major Symptoms Of Diabetes Amputations

Diabetes Mellitus is a disease caused by the increase of sugar levels or glucose in the blood. This fluctuation is caused by the hormone insulin. As the insulin level depletes, the energy level of the person also falls.

diabetes leg amputation symptoms

Diabetes mellitus is also responsible for heart stroke and other diseases related to the heart, kidney failure and amputations in the feet. Here are the five major symptoms of diabetes amputations.

Symptoms Of Diabetes Amputations

Loss of Sensation or Control over the Feet

Many of the people who have diabetes have high chance of not feeling any sensation in their feet. This symptom is seen usually in the night. This might happen over a period of time and might go unnoticed in most of the cases.

When this happens, even if a person hurts himself/herself or cuts himself/herself somewhere, he/she will not be aware of it. This might lead to further complications like the suffering person will not feel any pain, any cuts or any burning sensation in the leg. In short, he becomes numb.

Changes in Skin

There will be many changes in the skin of the person suffering from diabetes amputations. The skin is cracked easily and becomes dry. This is mainly due to dysfunction of the oil glands. Hence, patients are advised to use wax like jellies. Ointments that are free from fragrance like petroleum jellies etc. can be used to make the situation better.

Ulcers on the Foot

Patients start developing small ulcers on the foot. These ulcers are not visible in the beginning. However, over a period of time, they are clearly visible when the condition is worsened to a large extent.

Due to diabetes, the patient’s healing process takes a lot of time. In the long run, if it is not healed properly, then it might lead to unfortunate incidents like limb amputation etc.

Dysfunction of the Nerves

Diabetes also affects the nervous system of the body. The body becomes weak and sensation in the feet is not felt in most of the cases. The person doesn’t feel any kind of sensation even in case of cut or an injury. This leads to more injuries in the feet as the sensation is lost.

Injury and Infection

People suffering from diabetes usually suffer injury and infection easily when compared to other healthy people. This disease slows down the process of healing time of the feet and hence needs to be treated very carefully. Even a small cut might sometimes lead to gangrene if not taken care of properly and treated properly.

The tissues die and the infection starts targeting the bones slowly. This infection goes deeper and deeper into the body, thus leading to the amputation of the feet.

For all those people who are diabetic, it is very important to know that you need to maintain your diet and be on regular medication. Hence, follow all the methods religiously to maintain a good health even when you have diabetes. Awareness about the symptoms and proper medical treatment at the right time will certainly help in staying away from amputations.

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