Five Major Symptoms Of Pediatric Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a disease that occurs when the sugar levels grow too high in the blood. Pediatric diabetes is one of the major types of diabetes suffered by small children. Insulin hormone bring fluctuations in glucose levels in blood. High levels of sugar in the body can lead to various diseases like kidney failure or any other diseases related to it, for example heart stroke, limb amputations and many other kinds of heart diseases. Here are the five major symptoms of pediatric diabetes

Signs & Symptoms of Pediatric Diabetes

Signs & Symptoms of Pediatric Diabetes

Excessive Hunger

When the insulin in the body depletes, the hunger creeps in. The kids tend to feel hungry quite often and would want to eat more. Insulin hormone is responsible for fluctuation in the levels of glucose in blood. This reason can cause the child to eat more and make the child hungry at very irregular times or even every time.

Excessive Thirst and Urinating Problems

If you see your child drinking water excessively and feeling thirsty all the time, then you need to know that there is a problem. This is due to the increase in level of sugar in the blood. Due to drinking water excessively, the kids tend to urinate often as well. Hence, this is one of the most common symptoms of pediatric diabetes and care should be taken if you see such kind of changes in your kid.

Weight Loss

Even though the child might have immense hunger and maybe overeating, still the child will experience immense weight loss. This weight loss may occur gradually over the period of time or maybe suddenly at once.

Parents tend to neglect it and do not pay any heed to this, but these kinds of symptoms must be closely observed and checked. Otherwise, it may prove to be fatal at later stages.


Due to the sink of insulin in the body, the child might start feeling tired. This condition causes the energy level to fall down and hence the child would want to relax more, feel lazy and would just want to sleep all the time. This can be another major visible symptom among children who are supposed to be prey to diabetes.

Fruity Smell Sensation

The children tend to develop some weird smell when they breathe. This smell usually tends to be fruity or it can be sweet as well. This kind of sensation should be observed and necessary steps should be taken to confirm the child for any sign of diabetes. This is one symptom that is different from the rest and can be identified easily.

Infections Caused by Yeast

Infections caused by yeast are very common among the children who have diabetes. They tend to develop in babies easily and cause rashes especially in the diaper wearing areas. If the parent is aware of this symptom, the kid can be tested for diabetes and necessary measures can be taken.

Generally parents miss the right signal as the above mentioned symptoms are commonly seen in children. So, it is very important for the parents to be educated about various symptoms related to pediatric diabetes in order to protect their little ones.

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