Five Major Symptoms Of Teen Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus is a disease that occurs due to the high levels of sugar or glucose in the blood. This fluctuation is mainly due to the fluctuating levels of insulin. Depleting levels of insulin can cause various diseases like stroke, heart related diseases, kidney failure, amputations in limbs etc.

signs of diabetes in teens

These days, diabetes has become very common among the teenagers as well. If the symptoms are not recognized properly and treated, it might prove to be fatal. Here are the five major symptoms of teen diabetes:

Signs & Symptoms of Teen Diabetes

Excessive Thirst and Urination Sensation

People who have diabetes usually have excessive thirst. They tend to drink a lot of water. Along with excessive drinking of water, they also urinate a lot. The feeling of urination is always there and the bladder seems to be full. This is one of the most common signs of diabetes.

Blurred Vision

People suffering from diabetes face blurred vision, night blindness, myopia, long sightedness, short sightedness etc. in the initial stages of the disease. If not identified and treated at the first sight, blurred vision can even prove to be fatal in the long run creating some serious health hazards.

People also develop lot of problems in the vision, changes in vision, difficulty in focusing, drying up of eyes etc. People, who would have never had eye correction, might find the need to wear specs. However, this condition is temporary in teen diabetes and can be solved with the right medication.


When the insulin level falls in the body, it reduces the energy levels as well. As a result, the person tends to sleep more, feel lazy and take many short naps. Exercising is one way which keeps you healthy and helps diabetes remain under control.

Pain in the Abdomen and Vomiting

One of the most common symptoms of diabetes is uncontrollable pain in the abdomen. Diabetes is a kind of disease that destroys each and every part of the body gradually. It can also cause vomiting. This might be mistaken for common gastric problem or over eating. If such symptoms persist for a long time, it should be considered seriously and immediately investigated. If timely treatment is not provided, diabetes can prove to be fatal to health as insulin produces high levels of ketones which are very poisonous for the body.

Excessive Hunger

People with diabetes develop immense hunger. They eat a lot between meals and want to eat more and more, but in spite of immense eating, they still feel weak. This is one of the major symptoms of diabetes and must not be ignored if observed in teens.

Diabetes is such a disease if not treated in the right way; it might lead to many other diseases as well. Maintaining a healthy diet, regular medication and exercising helps to keep diabetes under control. Hence, the first and foremost important thing is to follow all those rules that help in keeping diabetes away. In case, you are diagnosed with diabetes, a strict regime can be followed to keep the diabetes under control.

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