How To Detect Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes mellitus or simply diabetes has many profound symptoms some of which are genetic in nature. There are around 21% chances of developing diabetes in your middle age. So you need to be very cautious and must remain aware of its syndromes.

Diabetes Symptoms

Common Signs to Detect the Symptoms of Diabetes

Frequent urination

A common sign that is very easy to understand for the onset of diabetes is frequent urination. Do you feel like visiting the bathroom more often than required? If yes, it may be the time to get your glucose level checked by a physician as you might be suffering from hyperglycaemia.


The most common sign when you can detect the chances for diabetes is when you get over weight or you feel that your metabolism rate is slowing down Obesity is related with diabetes directly. The more you weigh on the weighing scale the greater are your chances of developing the disease.

If you think you are beyond the permissible limit in your BMI or Body Mass Index it could be a probable symptom for the disease. Female are more prone to weight increase so you need to be extra cautious about increasing your weight beyond the healthy limits.

Excessive Cravings for Food and Liquid Products

Diabetes syndromes include an unexplained craving for food or extreme hunger or feeling excessively thirsty. You can also have an unexplained rapid weight loss.

Yeast Infections

Diabetes patients particularly tend to show the typical symptom wherein they develop yeast infections. In women this infection appears in the vaginal areas where the woman can feel a burning sensation while urinating or having intercourse. A thick white vaginal discharge is also shown in this infection.

Delay in Healing of Skin Infections

In diabetes, you can detect the disease if you find that the infections on your skin are not healing up quickly. You can have frequent fungal infections o your skin like dry and itchy skin that would not heal in the usual time. You would observe bacterial infections on your skin such as sties, boils, and carbuncles.

Blurred Vision and Irritability

The vision of the diabetes patient can become blurred in diabetes and he might become irritable at times.

Increased Fatigue

One can also observe an increased fatigue level in their daily activities. You would feel tired and exhausted almost frequently.

Infections in the Feet

Diabetic foot infections are the most common syndromes for identifying the beginning of the disease. You can experience a tingling sensation in the feet that can often become numb. This can be the early symptoms for the disease. You might experience a sharp burning sensation in your feet. You might observe swelling in your feet or legs that could be caused by infections.

If you can see any of these symptoms or a combination of these symptoms you need to immediately consult a doctor. You must understand that diabetes is a medical condition that cannot be cured completely but you can take preventive measures by identifying the disease as early as possible.

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