How To Identify The Symptoms Of Having Sugar Diabetes

Before proceeding with the symptoms, you need to firstly understand that Sugar Diabetes and the common diabetes forms such as Type 1 and Type 2 are not different. Sugar diabetes is commonly known as Diabetes. This article will give you a comprehensive idea about how to detect or identify the symptoms in a person both adults and in children as having sugar diabetes or diabetes.

Symptoms Having Sugar Diabetes

We will begin with adults first as majority of the sugar diabetes patients are adults who are mostly above 40 years of age.

Symptoms of Having Sugar Diabetes

Main Symptoms in Adults

Excessive Thirst Accompanied With Frequent Urination Especially At Bed Time

If you observe your dear one drink water more than often, a condition known as Polydipsia, and at the same time visiting the toilet frequently, medically known as Polyuria, to relieve himself you need to understand that he could be suffering from sugar diabetes.Here the glucose level in the blood of the person becomes very high.

This excess amount of glucose is then filtered out by the kidneys and excreted by urination. Due to frequent urination, the water level that is held by the blood cells is drained out resulting in dehydration which compels the person to drink water frequently.

Extreme Weight Loss

If you find that the person has been losing weight rapidly you must become cautious as it could be a case of sugar diabetes. Due to frequent urination the person loses water and also calories from his body that result in the rapid weight loss.

Sudden Craving for food

You will find the person having sugar diabetes to have a constant craving for food or extreme hunger. When the person suffers from sugar diabetes, the disease prevents the sugar from the food he takes to reach the cells. This hindrance leads to the persistent form of hunger in the person.

Extreme Fatigue Accompanied With Drowsiness

If you observe that the person is feeling extremely tired after any work and also feels sleepy then he could be suffering from sugar diabetes. Here the glucose in the body is not used effectively to release energy thus leading to fatigue and drowsiness.

Wounds Take an Undue Long Time to Heal

This is the most striking symptom for sugar diabetes. In this case, cuts or bruises refuse to dry up quickly. This is due to the presence of excess glucose level in your body.

Legs or Feet Feel Numb

You will experience a tingling or a burning feeling in your feet. There will be numbness in your feet and pain while walking. The patient will feel extreme sensitivity to any sort of touch.

Symptoms in Children

It is generally not easy to identify the symptoms of sugar diabetes in young children. Apart from the above mentioned symptoms, young children who are below 16 years of age tend to exhibit stomach pains, headaches and changing behavioral patterns as symptoms of sugar diabetes. They will have vision changes like a blurred vision as seen in the adults and a fruity odor in their breath.

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