How To Prevent Diabetes For Women

Diabetes which is characterized by high blood sugar levels is a common disease that affects a number of women around the world. Stressful lifestyle, obesity, poor nutrition and lack of physical fitness are some of the key reasons for the widespread prevalence of this disease among women.

How To Prevent Diabetes For Women

Moreover, pregnancy can also lead to gestational diabetes in women who previously have not suffered from this health problem. Genetic factors can also influence the development of diabetes in women which in turn can lead to further health problems like kidney diseases, heart problems and eye problems.

Unfortunately diabetes in women is not curable and the only way to prevent the complications arising from this disease is by adopting certain preventive measures. These lifestyle and dietary changes can have a marked effect and reduce the chances of developing diabetes significantly.

Tips for Preventing Diabetes in Women

Keep Your Weight in Check

One of the key reasons for diabetes in women is excess weight and obesity. Too much junk food along with lack of physical activity can contribute to the problem. These days many women have stressful jobs and lives which does not leave them time for watching their weight. Reducing this weight should be a priority if you want to prevent diabetes. Watching your diet and getting regular exercises or yoga can help you not only stay in shape but also lower the risk of diabetes to less than ten percent.

Physical Activity for Diabetes Prevention

To lower your blood sugar levels and increase the insulin levels it is important to stay fit and physically active. Start off with simple aerobic exercises like walking, jogging and cyclingand then move on to a full body workout.

This is because muscle workouts make it easier for you to use insulin and absorb the glucose. Remember that you do not need to sweat it out in the gym. The idea is to remain physically active and fit. So brisk walking five times a day in a week can help you achieve your objective as well.

Check Your Diet

This is probably one of the most important preventive measures that can help ward off diabetes. Opt for whole wheat and grains instead of white bread, bagels, potatoes and other breakfast cereals. Whole grains have fiber and bran that makes it difficult for the breakdown of starch into glucose. This in turn leads to the lowering of the blood sugar and insulin. As opposed to this, foods rich in refined carbohydrates like white bread or potatoes can spike your blood glucose levels and increase the risk of diabetes.

Along with this you will also need to reduce the intake of sugary drinks that is known toincrease weight and increase insulin resistance. Choose good fats like nuts, seeds and vegetable oil instead of bad fats or trans fats that are present in packaged and fried foods. Limit red meat consumption and instead opt for healthy proteins like soy, tofu, seeds and nuts. Fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids is also an excellent choice for women. In addition to this eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and increase water intake as well.

Get your blood pressure and blood sugar levels checked regularly especially if you have a family history of diabetes or observe signs of diabtes. This will help you take preventive measures as soon as possible and keeping your sugar levels in check.

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