How To Prevent Diabetes With Vitamins

Diabetes is spreading its wings all over the world and is affecting millions of people. It requires medical attention. If not treated within a certain period,diabetes attacks other parts of the body that can potentially be life threatening. However, the good thing is that if certain vitamins are included in the diet, it is possible to ward off diabetes.

How To Prevent Diabetes With Vitamins

Best Vitamins to Prevent Diabetes

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is available aplenty and the good part is, you do not have to spend a penny for it. You can get loads of vitamin D just by exposing yourself to the sun. Yes, the sun is a rich source of vitamin D. At least 10 minutes of exposing your body to the sun, should give the needful amount of the vitamin. Such sunbathing at least three times a week should be enough.

If it is not possible to get the vitamin in the natural way, you can also go for a medicated dose. It should be in the range of 800 to 1200 IU daily. Remember, the overdose can be harmful.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E boosts your insulin. Insulin does the important task of divesting yourself of the sugar in the blood. The vitamin helps the insulin to carry out its task better, which in turn gives improved results. The vitamin prevents the clomping of the blood platelets. This relieves the heart from being overburdened. Vitamin E plays an important part in giving relief to the heart, as diabetics are more likely to have heart diseases.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C and vitamin E work hand-in-hand as far as the filtering of sugar in the bloodstream is concerned. Vitamin C boosts the insulin in carrying out this process. The vitamin also makes it possible for the insulin to make its way in the separate cells of your body. The entire process eventually lowers the blood sugar, giving you the much-needed relief.

Calcium and Vitamin D

The combination of calcium and vitamin D taken over a period of time can help prevent diabetes in the first place. A high intake of calcium over a regular period couple with vitamin D can bring down the sugar level in your blood by a greater margin. This in itself can prevent the augmentation of diabetes in the body. In a sense, it helps the prevention of the disease.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is certainly a friend of the older people, especially the men. These people can go for the vitamin if there is an insulin resistance or in case their glucose levels are rising. According to a study,men who consumed 500mcg of the vitamin proved that there is a good progress of insulin resistance, which was sluggish as against those who did not consume the vitamin.

When the same study was conducted on women, there were no such results, which were found in men. Green vegetable, Brussel sprouts and spinach are the rich source of vitamin K.

Grapefruits, apples, tomatoes and wheat products have mineral chromium stuffed in them. The chromium helps in the prevention of diabetes as it augments the insulin in the body.

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